Refine the Beauty of You

As a girl’s thing, getting more concerned about our hair is really a big stuff. Always protect your hair from the sun-any product that puts a barrier between your hair and the sun is good, creams and serums are better than sprays, they’re thicker but if you have fine hair than use a spray so you don’t weight it down less is always more when using makeup don’t go to over the top unless its a Halloween party!

Always take a shower/bath every day to keep your hair from getting gross and greasy, definitely use a hair dryer to dry your hair it will look much better than natural hair dry. If you want you should get highlights but don’t be to crazy so if you have brown hair don’t get white highlights get like a lighter color of your hair color, if you have glasses you should get contacts it will really make your face look clearer and better no offense to people with glasses.

If you have braces it’s no big deal just make sure the colors u get are some what neutral and match things you have in your closet, when buying makeup don’t buy oil makeup and always make sure you wash your face at night! If u want and u think u have yellow teeth try using white strips crest white strips are definitely the best. Beauty sleep isn’t really what it sounds like so it just means u get well rested so that you don’t have bags under your eyes and your face is all blotchy you should get a good 8-10 hours of sleep each night.

Preventing Acne for Different Skin Type

There is nothing as upsetting than waking up in the morning and finding your face forming zits. Truly it is one of the depressing moments in your life when you have to deal with acne. You thought you are over your acne days because you’ve surpass teen years but there are many factors that lead to forming acne; It maybe because you are not using the right products or simply because of hormones and your skin type.

Preventing Acne

Skin type

Having oily skin doesn’t mean you are prone to having acne. Acne only accumulates when the oil harbors inside your pore. Having dry skin may also lead to irritation that causes infection and of course acne so it’s better to leave it moisturized.

When you have sensitive skin, you have to be very meticulous of the skin care products you’re using because it may quickly irritates or complicates your skin, on the other hand resistant skin can withstand any products you use.

Pigmented skin can easily changed it’s color, you may find their skin have dark spots or light spots, you have to choose the skin care products you are using because inflammation may alter the skin color and leave it permanent.

Treatment and the Do’s and Don’t

For oily pigmented, tight and sensitive skin you are prone to age spots and freckles, do not use sunscreen products that contains zinc oxide because it make your skin purplish. You should treat your pimples using benzoyl peroxide and for black heads treat them using salicylic acid.

Oily, pigmented, loose and sensitive skin are prone to forming brown spots, you must be careful in choosing the products that does not contain harsh chemicals. Don’t go out under the sun without putting on sunscreen because it may worsen your acne.

If your skin is oily, pigmented, and resistant and loose, you have big pores thus you might think twice in mashing your white heads and blackheads because it will further enlarge your pores. You seldom encounter us having zits and you can use almost all skin care products. You might want to try some skin mask just to nourish your skin.

Whatever the cause of pimples, it is important to know your skin first to move to the next step in treating them because you won’t know if it may benefit or harm your skin, it’s a precaution without having yourself spend more money on a treatment that even harm your skin.

Make Your Skin Naturally Glow

After reviewing what seems like hundreds of skin care lines, and rarely being impressed, I was thrilled to stumble upon Mad Hippie. Besides the silly name, I was attracted to the abundance of advanced actives in the products. Mad Hippie has even gone as far as listing how many actives are in each product on the front of the bottle, and highlighted them in the ingredient list. This is a plus for the skin care junky like myself that wants to know all of the good stuff a product features!

While I was familiar with many of the antioxidants such as green tea, white tea, pomegranate and so forth, I was not familiar with some such as resveratrol. Resveratrol is a new super antioxidant that can be found in grapes and even wine. It has been shown to reduce UV damage and extend the life of skin cells. Definitely an ingredient I want in my skin care product! Learn more about this ingredient featured in their face cream on Mad Hippie’s site.

I’m not sure if it was the vitamin C serum or the exfoliating serum, as both promised to brighten the skin, but after two weeks of use my skin had this glow it didn’t have before. So much so that one of my girlfriends commented on how bright my skin was. Let me tell you, it felt great!

While not all of the products in the skin care line are meant for all skin types, the majority will work for most. The two that are exceptions are the antioxidant facial oil and cream cleanser, which are both meant for dryer skin. Honestly, I have combination skin and they both worked great for me. The facial oil is an argan oil base, which sinks deep into the skin almost instantly and leaves your skin feeling great. The cream cleanser was hydrating, yet did a great job of cleaning the skin, leaving my face feeling so soft afterwards. This is a big change from the gel cleanser I have been using which overly dries my skin and leaves it feeling tight and in need of moisture.

I was thrilled to discover the Mad Hippie line of products. No longer will I be in search for a great natural skin care line, as now I’ve found one and I’m sticking to it!

Getting Fit and Glowing As a Bride-To-Be

Congratulations, you’ve just had “the question” popped to you – as the surprise and exhilaration will probably linger for days and weeks, it may subside as feelings of anxiety start to settle in. After all, there’s a complicated wedding that has to be planned! There are cakes to taste, venues to tour, musicians to audition . . . and, if you’re anything like most brides, you want to look your best as you walk down the aisle. This can add to the pressure you are feeling, so below are a few tips to help you look and feel good for your big day.

facial care

Becoming Toned & Fit

It’s natural that you may want to lose a few extra pounds before your wedding. Avoid crash diets and, instead, implement a routine of consistent exercise and healthy eating. Be realistic with your weight-loss goals. After all, starving yourself will make you and the people around you miserable. Plus, by striving to hit an unreasonable weight in a short amount of time, you’re going to become discouraged and perhaps emotionally beat yourself up. Take comfort in knowing that many bridal dress companies like David’s Bridal are increasingly catering to ladies with curves, so you can look fabulous regardless of what the scale reads.


Blemishes and large pores can’t be cured overnight, so start giving your complexion the TLC it needs as early as possible. Eat foods that will allow you to naturally glow, like salmon, blueberries, olive oil and whole wheat. Always, always remove makeup before going to bed, and routinely use a facial mask or microdermabrasion washes to remove grime and help make pores appear shallower.  Professional facials will help address specific issues and put you into a deep relaxation, but be certain to let your dermatologist or esthetician when your wedding day is approaching so they can avoid applying treatments that will leave your skin looking temporarily red and raw. Plus, remember to moisturize from head-to-toe, paying special attention to feet, elbows and hands.


There are simple steps you can take to have a pearly smile in your wedding photos. Like many skin products, whitening products do not work miracles after their first usage, so start using them sooner rather than later. Scheduling a teeth cleaning prior to the big day never hurts and, afterwards, avoid consuming liquids that stain like coffee and wine. Foods like apples and carrots will naturally scrub away tarter throughout the day, and flossing is a must.


While you may want to treat yourself to a new hair cut or dye job, avoid doing anything extreme in case it turns out different than you imagined. To give your hair that extra luxurious bounce, eat bananas, oats, dark leafy veggies, oysters and beans. If you’re a summer bride, make sure to apply hair sunscreen so the hot sun doesn’t dry out your tresses and consider applying a shine-boosting product that will allow your locks to come across as especially moist and healthy during the photo shoot.

As your wedding day approaches, make sure that, despite stress, you’re receiving the proper amount of sleep and are eating three meals a day. After all, you want to feel fresh and beautiful as you exchange vows with your husband, rather than tired and ragged.

5 Stress-Busting Solutions for New Mums

Being a new mum can be super stressful, and although it would be lovely if we could all take a spa day every weekend or a vacation each month, most of us just have to get on with the business of being a mum without taking much of a break. We’ve come up with 5 quick-fix stress-busting solutions that you can take advantage of, allowing you to relax and ultimately, to become a happier and less stressed mum.

Give Yourself a Break

Expecting yourself to be switched on all the time is bad news for everyone – you, your partner and your baby. If you’re constantly doing something for everyone else, without ever taking any time out for yourself, you’ll quickly become resentful of your current situation. Resentment is an emotion that children can pick up on, so try to give yourself a break at least once a day for just 15 minutes where you aren’t doing something for anyone else. Over time, your habits will change and you’ll come to realise that taking a little time for yourself isn’t selfish – it’s actually essential.

Embrace Oils

Oils are the new buzzword in skincare and haircare and with good reason – they provide intensive results in little time and they also smell divine. Take out just 60 seconds to massage your face with a face oil such as this one by Ila. It’ll stimulate blood flow, making you look brighter and more awake, while the scent will help to relax you.

Prioritise and Clear Out

Prioritising what needs to be done from what doesn’t actually need to be done can be difficult for any new mum, but if you actually manage to do it, you could find that you have a lot more spare time to focus on actually enjoying your new baby. Think about your cleaning standards. Do you always need to have a spotless home? Are you hoarding baby clothes? Stocking up on baby products that you haven’t used? Prioritise what needs to be done and set aside the things that don’t actually have to be done right this second – and clear out. Get rid of what you don’t need and give it away to those who do – reducing the amount of stuff that you need to do and that you need to sort out is a superb stress-buster.

Get Outdoors

Just being outside will make you feel happier and less stressed. When you’re out in the daylight, it activates your body’s natural sleep/wake rhythm – meaning that you feel more awake throughout the day, and more sleepy and able to sleep at night. Being outdoors in the daylight also boosts the production of serotonin, which is a hormone that will make you feel happier and more content. Get outside by pushing your baby in a pushchair to the local shops, meet your girlfriends in the park or just park your car a little further away from the supermarket so you and your baby have further to walk. Even if you only get a little bit of daylight, it’s much better than none at all!

Use Relaxation Techniques

A quick look on the internet will provide you with a whole host of speedy relaxation techniques that will instantly make you feel less stressed. Meditation is an excellent technique – just focus on your breath and the way that breathing deeply feels, and repeat a calming phrase to yourself. The phrase will move your attention away from your negative emotion towards a more positive emotion. Another tip is to use an accupressure press on the indentation in the centre of the breastbone. Use your index fingers to gently press on the area, breathing deeply, for up to 1 minute. You’ll feel calmer and the pressure will move your attention away from the negative emotions you may be feeling.

Above all, reach out and ask for help if you need it. Your family, friends, partner, health visitor and other mums from your local mum and baby group will be able to offer help and advice if you just ask for it.