Slow Healing Wounds and Diabetes

A wound is painful and sometimes unbearable, people with diabetes who have this have to deal with it for a long time. When a person has diabetes there is decreased blood flow, and the immune cells do not work correctly making it harder for the body to heal a wound. This may lead to amputation of the affected part, most commonly your foot because sometimes it gets neglected.

Nobody wants to lose anything, if you do not want to end this way, you need to make sure you will not have a wound. Do necessary steps such as washing and checking your feet every day, keeping your feet dry, and being careful when you are trimming your nails. If you do get a wound, go to your physician immediately to have it checked. Living with diabetes is hard, but living with an amputated
foot because of it is even harder.

Food for Diabetic Patient

Having diabetes does not mean you have to say goodbye to ice cream or that mouthwatering custard cream puff, it is all about having a healthy and well-balanced diet. Before you got this condition, you may have eaten everything you wanted, but this time you need to discipline yourself to maintain your health. The key to eating good food for diabetic people is making sure that you do not eat a lot or under eat; this is a good way to balance your blood glucose level.

Your dietitian or doctor can help you determine the best food for you; you can ask them for a weekly meal plan that fit your needs. Also know the importance of fruits and vegetable in your life, and stay away from fatty or carbohydrate rich foods. Once in a while you can indulge in your favorite snacks, but this time keep in mind that everything should be done in moderation.