4 Couponing Programs To Help With the Savings

All families can benefit from coupon and giveaway programs as a way to save additional money, particularly during this period of financial crisis. Taking advantage of these programs can save families money not just in groceries but in many other household products and entertainment options. For example, if family members enjoy listening to audio books, programs that provide them with Audible.com coupons or Audible.com promo codes can help them lower their entertainment budget. With some research, families can find new programs such as the ones that follow that best fit their lifestyle and start saving right away.

Publix’ Digital Coupon Program

Even families with the best intentions often forget to cut the coupons they like or even worse, they forget to bring the coupons to the store after taking the time to cut and organize them. Publix Supermarkets is hoping to make life easier for their customers by introducing a new program where customers will be able to register for an account, choose their coupons online and then have them applied to their purchase by only providing their phone number.

Customers will be able to see their selected coupons and any new coupons available at any time even from their mobile device. This is an easy to use program that will eliminate the need to cut and take the coupons along and ensure that customers can take advantage of all the additional savings possibilities.

Winn-Dixie’s Digital Coupon Program

Another program designed to take the hassle out of couponing, Winn-Dixie’s program allows customers to save up to 99 coupons at a time to their Customer Reward Card. After registering their account for the program, customers can browse Winn-Dixie’s library of e-coupons and select the ones they want. During checkout, customers simply have to swipe their card to match the coupons with their purchased items and get their savings.


This established program has now expanded its offerings to include entertainment and dining options for the whole family. Coupons.com, which already offered e-coupons and other savings opportunities for groceries and many household items, now also offers members local and national e-coupons and deals for restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment options such as bowling, cultural performances, sporting events and theme parks through its Savings Club. While the basic service for e-coupons is free, the Savings Club is a low-cost membership service that will pay for itself very quickly when members take advantage of their offers.

PoachIt Deal Hunting Program

PoachIt.com is all about making the shopping experience smoother by helping shoppers save both time and money. PoachIt, which is currently available by requesting an invitation, searches for working coupons so that shoppers do not have to waste time trying a variety of coupon codes that simply do not work. Members download the PoachIt button, add it to their browser’s Bookmarks toolbar and click on it when they find the item they want to buy, no matter the shopping site they are visiting at the time.

If they like the price and the coupon, they can go ahead and use it, if not, PoachIt will continue to track the item and email the member when the item goes on sale. The whole shopping online with coupons experience becomes much more satisfying without the disappointment of e-coupons that simply do not work.