How to Treat and Prevent Dandruff

There are times that we get dandruff and it’s irritating because one minute you are scratching your scalp because of the itch and then you’ll find thin powders on your shirt. This is such a big turn off whenever you’re with someone and your scalp bares it all, forming flakes that are noticeable. It was one of my embarrassing moments when I need to hide my scalp by tying up my hair, not to reveal my scalp. It’s the most boring hair style ever but I have to endure it.

Dandruff is a form of skin eczema and it is caused by a lot of things, it can be because of irritation, your scalp is sensitive to the hair products you are using. It can also mean you are stressed and your body takes it out on your scalp, it can also be a yeast infection, or it can either be not fully nourished with the food you are eating.


There are many ways in treating dandruff, and here are some of the remedies you can try if anti dandruff shampoos don’t work.

Baking Soda. If your dandruff tends to be flaky then this stuff is good for you because it is effective in removing flakes. When taking a bath wet your hair first and then put some baking soda on your hands and rub it on your scalp. Massage it thoroughly to remove the flakes. While you are using this product makes sure that you don’t use any shampoo, it may make your hair dry but a few weeks of using baking soda, eventually your natural oil will start to produce.

Lemon/calamansi is also good if you have an itchy and flaky scalp. Before taking a batch rub some of the lemon juice onto your scalp and massage them. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing. It will not only remove your dandruff it keeps your hair smelling citrusy.

Salt. Do not underestimate your regular salt because this stuff has proved itself to be an effective scrubber. Of course you must use the fine salt rather than the course one. Salt has been used in many skin care products; it is very useful in removing dead skin. Just put some salt onto your flaky scalp and gently scrub it. Rinse it with water before shampooing.


Since dandruff can be caused by poor nutrition, we can prevent it by eating the right food. Eating food rich it vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetable as well as protein rich fruit helps prevent dandruff.

Get enough sleep to regenerate your body. Too much exhaustion lowers our immune system, giving way for opportunistic bacteria/agents to attack our system making us more weak and prone to infection.

Natural Ingredients to Solve Hair Loss

Our hair is one of our most important asset. It is the first thing other people notices about us and this symbolizes what kind of person we are. Our hair reflects our personality, thus we would sometimes spend time, money and effort to maintain the beauty of our hair.

The hair is very sensitive and we can have many hair problems such as hair fall, breakage, split ends and hair loss. These problems are often acquired because of our genetic make-up, our immediate environment or because of the different chemicals applied unto our hair because of our desire to make it perfect. Since many of us can’t afford to pay for hair specialists to solve our hair problems, some of us would simply result in using shampoos with natural ingredients to make our hair more alive and more attractive. But shampoos available in the market still contain substances which may be harmful to our hair.

Every now and then, we would resort in using alternatives readily available at our home to maintain our hair. Natural ingredients such as apple-cider vinegar, egg yolk and egg white, avocado oil, coconut oil and honey would help us reduce hair loss. One should also remember to drink plenty of water, reduce stress and have a healthy diet to remain from losing strands of our hair.

Basic Eye Make-up Techniques by Eye Shape Type: Mascara and Colors

No two gazes are the same, therefore, no two styles of make-up can apply to two different women. Some of us have deep-set eyes, almond-shaped eyes, or eyes set too far apart. Depending on your physiognomy and the look you’re trying to achieve, here are some basic eye make-up tips for you to consider.

By the depth of the eye

Some women have their eyes set deeper into the sockets within the skull, while others have a naturally protruding gaze. Both situations can be enhanced to remarkable effects – or, with the wrong kind of make-up, can be augmented to the point where those in the former group look constantly tired, while those in the latter appear to have bulging eyes. For women with deep set eyes, it’s important to bring them forward by highlighting and illuminating the top of the upper lid. Use neutral, light tones for this, whether you’re using eye-liner or powder. Also, don’t forget to use mascara that doesn’t stain, in order to prevent smudges from your lashes touching your eyelids. For protruding eyes, play with the fact that you literally have a lot of real estate to cover. There is a lot of space there, and in order to avoid the bulging look, you can always play with dark hues – the smoky eyes look is absolutely perfect for women with this type of eyes.

By the upturn of the eye

Eyes can also be classified according to the way the corner of the eye is pointing – in simpler terms, think of women who appear to be smiling all the time (their eyes are naturally upturned), as opposed to those with a more wistful gaze (whose corners of the eyes are pointing downward). Each of these shapes can be flattered with the right kind of makeup. With upturned or almond-shaped eyes, it’s almost like the lower lid is larger and longer than the upper one. This optical effect can be countered by adding a line of color to the corner of the eye. And when using colors, make sure to use the same ones on both lids, by drawing a line in eye-liner along the lash line of the lower lid. For downturned eyes, you’re going to want to balance out that effect by bringing the eyes up. This is easy to achieve with a cat-eye make-up style in black eye-liner, complemented with the right type of lash-extending Mascara. The effect is both classical and elegant, as well as sultry and dramatic.

By the distance between the eyes

Ideally, the distance between your eyes should equal the length of one eye. This, however, is not the case for everyone. For people with eyes set too close together, the obvious solution is to illuminate the inner corner of both eyelids (the lower and the upper). Try a light, metallic, or neutral color and also create the effect of focusing on the outer corners of the eyes with a bit more mascara applied to the lashes by the outer corner of your eyes. When your eyes seem to be too far apart, the solution is to line the upper lid with a dark color, as close to the corner of the eye as possible. Also use mascara to add shorter lashes to strands which include the longer ones.

Preventing Acne for Different Skin Type

There is nothing as upsetting than waking up in the morning and finding your face forming zits. Truly it is one of the depressing moments in your life when you have to deal with acne. You thought you are over your acne days because you’ve surpass teen years but there are many factors that lead to forming acne; It maybe because you are not using the right products or simply because of hormones and your skin type.

Preventing Acne

Skin type

Having oily skin doesn’t mean you are prone to having acne. Acne only accumulates when the oil harbors inside your pore. Having dry skin may also lead to irritation that causes infection and of course acne so it’s better to leave it moisturized.

When you have sensitive skin, you have to be very meticulous of the skin care products you’re using because it may quickly irritates or complicates your skin, on the other hand resistant skin can withstand any products you use.

Pigmented skin can easily changed it’s color, you may find their skin have dark spots or light spots, you have to choose the skin care products you are using because inflammation may alter the skin color and leave it permanent.

Treatment and the Do’s and Don’t

For oily pigmented, tight and sensitive skin you are prone to age spots and freckles, do not use sunscreen products that contains zinc oxide because it make your skin purplish. You should treat your pimples using benzoyl peroxide and for black heads treat them using salicylic acid.

Oily, pigmented, loose and sensitive skin are prone to forming brown spots, you must be careful in choosing the products that does not contain harsh chemicals. Don’t go out under the sun without putting on sunscreen because it may worsen your acne.

If your skin is oily, pigmented, and resistant and loose, you have big pores thus you might think twice in mashing your white heads and blackheads because it will further enlarge your pores. You seldom encounter us having zits and you can use almost all skin care products. You might want to try some skin mask just to nourish your skin.

Whatever the cause of pimples, it is important to know your skin first to move to the next step in treating them because you won’t know if it may benefit or harm your skin, it’s a precaution without having yourself spend more money on a treatment that even harm your skin.

Make Your Skin Naturally Glow

After reviewing what seems like hundreds of skin care lines, and rarely being impressed, I was thrilled to stumble upon Mad Hippie. Besides the silly name, I was attracted to the abundance of advanced actives in the products. Mad Hippie has even gone as far as listing how many actives are in each product on the front of the bottle, and highlighted them in the ingredient list. This is a plus for the skin care junky like myself that wants to know all of the good stuff a product features!

While I was familiar with many of the antioxidants such as green tea, white tea, pomegranate and so forth, I was not familiar with some such as resveratrol. Resveratrol is a new super antioxidant that can be found in grapes and even wine. It has been shown to reduce UV damage and extend the life of skin cells. Definitely an ingredient I want in my skin care product! Learn more about this ingredient featured in their face cream on Mad Hippie’s site.

I’m not sure if it was the vitamin C serum or the exfoliating serum, as both promised to brighten the skin, but after two weeks of use my skin had this glow it didn’t have before. So much so that one of my girlfriends commented on how bright my skin was. Let me tell you, it felt great!

While not all of the products in the skin care line are meant for all skin types, the majority will work for most. The two that are exceptions are the antioxidant facial oil and cream cleanser, which are both meant for dryer skin. Honestly, I have combination skin and they both worked great for me. The facial oil is an argan oil base, which sinks deep into the skin almost instantly and leaves your skin feeling great. The cream cleanser was hydrating, yet did a great job of cleaning the skin, leaving my face feeling so soft afterwards. This is a big change from the gel cleanser I have been using which overly dries my skin and leaves it feeling tight and in need of moisture.

I was thrilled to discover the Mad Hippie line of products. No longer will I be in search for a great natural skin care line, as now I’ve found one and I’m sticking to it!