How To Fight Social Media Addiction

With the world being swept away by sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is so easy to be addicted to social media. And a lot of people are suffering from this nowadays. If you feel like you are on your way there, or in that bad place already, here are some tips on how you can fight the overwhelming urge to stay online.


If you want to break free from this gruesome cycle, the best thing to do is remember what you need to focus on. What is the most important to you? Always go for work, chores, and family life over the need to update your post, feeds, and messages. As long as you are clear with your priorities and stick with it, you be able to control your dependence on social media.

Schedule Your Online Time

If the whole world runs on a schedule, so should you and your time with social media. Dedicate only a few minutes in a day catching up to your post online. Some people go cold turkey altogether, but if you think it is too soon, you can wean off the habit. Take it one step at a time. There is no need to stop logging in as long as you limit your stay.

Screen Your Friends List

What was your main goal when you created your social media account? Was it to be friends with total strangers or to catch up with longtime friends and relatives? A lot of times, you are sucked in with the first option. Having many “friends” on your list is a good way to network, but as it can easily lead to addiction, stick to having real friends and family on your account. If you really need to meet new people, make a separate account which you should only open when doing work related activities.

Social media allows people to stay connected. This connection is good if you are learning new things and growing as a person. However, if you feel that it is hindering with your life, it is time to acknowledge what is important and stop addiction in its tracks.