Stopping Your Kids Tantrums In Its Tracks

When your toddler bawls over, kick in the air, and do the waterworks, you immediately know that a tantrum is beginning. By this time, a lot of parents feel frustrated or even humiliated, especially when their kids throw tantrums at a public place. In the end, they give in to the demands of their toddlers to stop this rude behavior. Tantrums happen because your child feels frustrated. He wants to exert a little bit of independence, but his physical capabilities is stopping him. Even parents like you sometimes contribute to your children’s tantrums when you do not give them enough attention.

Remain Calm

It is natural for parents to also feel frustrated or disappointed towards their kids when they go into tantrum mode; however, shouting in response or even hurting their child is not a good way to stop it. The tantrum will escalate and the child will feel resentful towards the parent. Instead, remember that children do what they do and they should not be punished harshly for it.

Step Away

It is a good idea to wait for the storm to pass. Meaning, you should wait until the anger, shouting, and crying of your child subsides. Going to your child while he does this may make him angrier. Aside from that, he will know that it is a good tactic to grab your attention and will do it often whenever he wants you by his side.

Do Not Bribe

Bribing will worsen the situation because your child will think that he is rewarded for the bad behavior. Furthermore, he can use his tantrums to manipulate you if you do this. It is important to let your child know that you are the parent and what you say goes. However, when your child stops the tantrums, you can reassure him by giving a hug and telling him gently why mommy or daddy made that particular rule.
Tantrums are caused by a lot of things. Sometimes they are as simple as a toy falling over, while there are instances when children are demanding something from their parents. If you feel that your child is using it to manipulate you, step back and wait for it to stop. However, if you think that your child wants some independence, then by all means give him the freedom he needs, as long as he is not hurt or harmed by his actions.

How to Give Your Home a Vintage Feel for the Winter

With winter fully underway, it’s the time when people typically like to cuddle up with their family at home and enjoy one another’s company. Of course, modern winters aren’t quite like they used to be, when a fireplace was necessary and electric heaters didn’t exist. If you want to recapture that intimacy though, it’s not impossible. In fact, this guide will look at a few simple things anyone can do to make their home a little more inviting this winter. If you’ve wanted to recapture the feel of classic winters, but didn’t know where to begin, then look no further.


One of the easiest ways to renovate a home and give it a vintage feel is to begin with the fireplace. Classic fireplace bellows, like those offered by Adams Fireplace Shop, can be used to both add to the charm of the area in the house and for their practical purpose of maintaining the fire. When it comes to home design, it can be rare to find something that is both visually appealing and practical, so it’s worth taking advantage of it anytime the situation arises.

Reading Nook

One of the best complements to a running fireplace is a little nook where you can curl up with a good book to read. Creating a reading nook from scratch can take a little work, especially if you’re not someone who’s typically handy with tools, but it’s certainly not impossible. The nice thing about building a nook from scratch, rather than building one, is that it also makes the area feel more personal. Whenever you decide to crack open a book by your reading nook, you’ll immediately be thrown back to your mindset when you were building.

Floor Pillows

Everyone knows about throw pillows, couch pillows, and bed pillows, but what about floor pillows? Floor pillows are an excellent way of turning an area into a casual spot for conversations and general company engagement. If you’re planning a winter sleepover and need a large area for people to comfortably hang around, then floor pillows are a great alternative to investing in another couch or expensive chair.

These ideas won’t transform your entire house into something new, but they should provide you with the groundwork to start doing your own experiments. As long as you’re warm and comfortable for the winter, then you won’t be able to go wrong.

Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream is a delightful treat that isn’t so delightful when you consider how bad it is for you. Not only is it filled with calories, but there are few health benefits that accompany ice cream. There are alternatives, however, with frozen yogurt topping the list. In fact, frozen yogurt provides a wide array of benefits that you cannot find in traditional ice cream.


One of the things that frozen yogurt has over ice cream is that it is made with yogurt and not cream. Not only does this mean that is typically has a lower fat content, but it also contains probiotics. Probiotics are live and active cultures that are touted with every yogurt product because of their major health benefits. Probiotics will properly maintain the microflora of your intestines, which keeps your digestive track healthy and prevents irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and various other digestive issues. Furthermore, studies have shown that probiotics can help improve your body’s immune system, which enhances your body’s recovery time from infections.

Lactose Intolerance

Since frozen yogurt contains probiotics that help break down lactose, people suffering from lactose intolerance can enjoy a frozen treat similar to traditional ice cream without the horrible side effects that come with the disorder. Before trying frozen yogurt, consider speaking to your physician about their thoughts and opinions of how it may or may not effect you.

A Wide Array of Flavors

Like traditional ice cream, frozen yogurt comes in a wide array of flavors. Not only do you have your classics, such as vanilla and chocolate, but you also have some more modern tastes, like cheesecake or red velvet frozen yogurt. You can also add various toppings, just like you can with traditional ice cream, to frozen yogurt and make seemingly endless combinations. For example, add graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows to chocolate frozen yogurt to recreate the flavors of S’mores.

Source of Calcium

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, ½-cup of frozen yogurt contains, on average, 103 milligrams of calcium, which is more than what is generally found in traditional ice cream. Furthermore, when your body has enough calcium, it helps prevent a wide array of health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and colon cancer. Getting the proper amount of calcium will also help keep teeth and bones healthy.

A Tangible Expression of Emotions

Balancing work, family and the activities that go along with an active family life can be stressful. Parents can feel as if they’re on an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to maintaining harmony among siblings, keeping the romantic spark with their partner a priority and nurturing friendships. When you have an opportunity to express your thoughts and emotions with a gift, seize that opportunity. Gifts such as those from Willow Tree Figures can be an ideal way to celebrate special events and make ordinary moments extraordinary.

Celebrating Life

As a parent, you might experience the dilemma of wanting to express emotion or create a tradition without seeming overly sentimental to your kids. Collectible figurines that mark birthdays, holidays and achievements are a fantastic tradition to start. It’s a tradition that can continue for a lifetime.

Subtle Expressions of Deep Emotions

Siblings form a special bond that remains throughout the many transitions life puts before them. When the first child leaves home for college or moves into a place of their own, their absence impacts everyone. You might not be able to get the kids left at home to talk much about how much they miss their sibling, but it might be easy to get them to agree to sending a “Miss You” figurine to their sibling. There’s lots of figurines available that depict special moments or special relations between parent and children that can help express feelings when words are either hard to find or difficult to say.

Keeping Relationships Strong

It’s essential that you take steps to keep the spark of romance alive between you and your partner regardless of how chaotic your family life is. Reserving some time each day for heart-to-heart talks or quiet intimate moments can help sustain the relationship. Making time for an evening out, a weekend escape, a midday picnic or any number of other romantic adventures should be a priority for both of you. Small unexpected gifts given just to say “I love you” or “I’m thinking of you” can make a positive impact on your relationship. It’s also important that your life doesn’t get so busy that you fail to acknowledge special days, trying times or celebrations in the lives of your co-workers and friends. A small gift can comfort, encourage and help seal your connectedness to your friends.

More Adults Get in Shape By Playing Sports

Many adults are constantly looking for a way to get back in shape. Going to the gym sounds like a drag, and running might be a death sentence for some. Most people like sports, and sports tend to go away when people become adults. While playing high school football, hockey, or basketball might keep a kid in shape despite bad eating habits, when those sports practices and games are no longer there, it’s more difficult to keep calories in check. More and more adults have figured out that adding sports back into the equation is a great idea to keep them moving in the right direction from a health perspective.

In cities across America, adults are getting back into the groove of their childhood. City leagues have popped up to give adults the chance to play softball, kickball, flag football and even baseball. The goal of these leagues is quite simple, to allow people to play sports, meet new friends and get some exercise they might not have gotten otherwise. Adult sports leagues have become popular for obvious reasons. Sports are popular, and many people prefer playing them to sitting down and watching a full game.

You don’t have to be directly in a big city to enjoy one of these leagues, though. When it comes to adult ice hockey tournaments Walboro MA has its residents covered. These tournaments are held in a competitive environment with referees, uniforms and the whole bit. Players feel just like they’re stepping back into their glory days. Players of all levels are finding the ability to get back on the ice around their closest friends. While the competition can sometimes get fierce, the goal of most people out there is simply to enjoy time back playing the game they love.

When working out feels too difficult, sports leagues are there to fill the void. Whether it’s a friendly game of a flag football out in the park or a serious hockey tournament in a town that’s crazy about the sport, these adult happenings are changing the way people get back in shape. For many, it’s a much better solution than spending hundreds of dollars each month on a trainer and having to navigate a crowded gym. Sports bring to mind the fun and folly of youth, allowing adults to be young one more time.