Mashed Potato or Ice Cream?

It seems fun how food are decorated nowadays. Sometimes, I thought that food is judged based on how it is plated rather than on how it tastes. But somehow, people seem to believe that their appetite for eating can be mainly affected on how the food is plated and served. That is why I wasn’t able to stop myself from giving out a laugh when I saw a mashed potato that was served in a mini-plate that looked like a single scoop of ice cream. I almost got fooled with its appearance because when you try to see it from a far it, indeed, looks like a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Good thing that when I tasted it, it did not taste like vanilla ice cream! Haha! But kidding aside, for food enthusiasts like me, food is just food! And the moment it tastes good, it would always boost up anybody’s appetite even if it wasn’t serve the fancy way.

Vacation at Intosan

I have this aunt who owns a business in Cebu—the Philippines’ Queen City of the South! She had a very successful catering business there and she owns a four-storey house. If I were to describe her with two words, she is best described as the “rich babe”. For how many months now, she had been inviting me to visit there in Cebu and have a grand vacation at Intosan, a very beautiful resort, with her and her family. Because of her persistence, I was able to utter a promise to her, and I said “yes”. I will go and visit her with my brother. I am looking forward to visit her this summer and I am crossing my fingers that I could book two promo flights for my brother and I.

Abaca Wedges

For normal sized Filipino women, they would appreciate it very much if they would see a beautiful wedge shoes at the mall. I have noticed that wedges are indeed in demand nowadays. And to make such shoe more fashionable and interesting, they are made from different kinds of materials. One of the fashionable wedges nowadays are made of Philippines’ local material that they call abaca. The material is said to be one of the land’s strongest material that is a product of the abaca plant. As of the moment, a lot of Filipinos are hooked with the abaca wedges. It has good quality that can compete with wedges of different material. Plus the fact that it is locally made, it’s much cheaper than the imported kind of wedges.

Baby Back Ribs

For more than 5 years, I have been in control of myself when it comes to eating. Although I’m the type of person who eats any kind of food, I make sure that I eat them in a moderate level just to keep things in balance. But I think it’s quite fair to indulge myself a little, every now and then. It was quite sometime when I last ate a bunch of meat so when my dad treated us at the most popular grill and steak house in town, I really did not hesitate to order a portion of baby back ribs! Yep! And I enjoyed it very much. And I felt no guilt while eating because I am very confident that one day of indulgence won’t do any harm to my figure.

Purple Watch

I was strolling at the mall when I noticed a flock of watch displays at the mall rotunda. I went out of curiosity and I found out that the mall is having a mall sale. My eyes enjoyed the wide array of different watches. Gold, silver, two-toned and silicone watches are amongst the choices. All I wanted was to enjoy. I never planned to buy a watch but my attention was caught by a purple watch with a sunny yellow accent. I really liked it to the point of buying it impulsively. But I did not regret my decision. It was one of my impulses that I never regretted!!