Food Trip – The Taco Stall

Do you know what happens when you’re too exhausted with overtime work hours and you just want to chill out for a little time after your overtime hours?! My officemates and I definitely know the answer with this question because we do a lot of it lately—Food Trip! Yep, last Tuesday we went home at eight in the evening because we were forced by our deadlines to render overtime hours for us to finish our requirements on time. And because of that, we were so hungry on our way home. The three of us already complained that our stomachs are starving so we decided to pass by the trading center and we went food tripping with the various street foods. We ate Siomai (the very popular Chinese dish), burritos, tacos and my favourite—Nachos! After more than an hour of hopping from cart to cart, we went our separate ways with a fully stuffed stomach!