Japanese Sticky Rice

It was a sunny Sunday morning when my mother remembered that she had two kilos of Japanese rice kept at the cupboard and she thought that it’s time to cook it before it expires and becomes inedible. And so she decided to make biko—a native Filipino desert made from Japanese sticky rice. My mom asked my brother to buy the additional ingredients that she needed like coconut milk and muscovado sugar from the community market. And when my brother arrived, he asked our mom if she could teach him make the dish. And so she taught him how to do it. When they finished making the dish, I am doubtful if he was able to make it right. But when I tasted it, it tastes the same as the biko that my lolo makes. Yum!

Alkaline Water

It was years ago when I first heard about alkaline water. They said it is the water that can purify you system and it smooths your skin making it look more pure and attractive. I was in my puberty years then and so I got fooled with the idea. But now that I’m wiser, I realized the real reason for having alkaline water. Alkaline water is basic compared to the ordinary drinking water. And because it is basic, it eases out and neutralizes the stomach’s acidity whenever a person experiences hyper-acidity. I’m one of those people who benefits with the existence of alkaline water. And according to my personal physician, a person mustn’t drink alkaline water if he doesn’t need it because it might cause an imbalance in the acidity of the stomach that could hinder proper digestion. So it must be taken for a reason.

Oishi Potato Chips

I used to love eating “potato chips” that is made from potato flour. It was my favourite past time snack. However, as I grew up my preference changed and I opted to go for the original thing. I wanted to the real potato chips—the thinly sliced potatoes that are deep fried to perfection! It seems heaven for me whenever I get to treat myself with a pack of Lays or Ridges every pay day. And sometimes, because it’s way out of my budget, I’m forced to settle with the local brand—Oishi Potato Chips. It may not taste like Lays, but it can already satisfy my taste buds.

Channing Tatum

The multi-talented actor, Channing Tatum, is the main star of this early 2012 movie entitled: “The Vow”. A lot of my friends said that the movie is beautiful because it has a very nice plot. And that’s aside from the fact that they were mad fans of Channing Tatum. For weeks, this movie and actor has been the favourite topic. And because of that, I was able to pick-up some facts about this guy. A lot of praises says that he is someone who got it all! He can act, dance and pose (I dunno if he can sing). He is really one of a kind and the entertainment industry really needs someone as versatile like him to continuously entertain people.

Nina Dobrev

Who would miss that beautiful girl who creates that spark between the Salvatore Brothers in the TV series “The Vampire Diaries (TVD)”?! For TVD fanatics she is Elena Gilbert also known as Katherine Pierce, but in real life she is Nina ConstantinovaDobreva or more popularly known as Nina Dobrev. She is a Bulgarian-Canadian girl that does well in acting and modeling.

Her role in the TVD series is quite her for she is playing two different characters—one is a vampire from the year 1864 and two, an ordinary modern day mortal. In all fairness, she does the acting job very well. Every time both characters appear in an episode, I am always convinced that the two characters are played by two different people. She’s one of the best teenage actresses in today’s generation.