iPhone 4S

A lot of Filipinos are dreaming of uplifting their technology status. Whatever gadgets that the US market releases, they also want to have it. Just like what happened with the iPhone 4S. It is so much in demand here in the Philippines. However, not all people who want it can have it because it is quite expensive. That’s the reason why major mobile companies who offers postpaid plans made their offers for iPhone 4S more affordable to the masses. Instead of making customers pay their cash-out for the iPhone unit, they made them pay on an installment basis. My friend was able to avail of the promo and she’s glad because it is lighter on her monthly budget.

Vacation Special

The heat is on! Time to unwind from the stresses of work and spend time with our little daughter. I and my hubby wanted a new place to visit this summer. One that is fun, yet, educational for our little princess. Spending cash for vacations could be a waste of money for others, but spending it in dribs and drabs, on unnecessary gadgets for example is all the more a ravage. These things would depreciate after a few years but memories of a trip could last a lifetime. It was kinda absurd but seeing our little one save up all the money her grandpa and aunts gave her, drove us to pursue our plans of traveling for summer. We choose to explore Luzon, the northern part of the archipelago Philippines. My hubby handed me almost all the tasks for the planned trip, given that I had the most travels ever since. From hotel bookings, to purchasing airline tickets. Thanks to technology for not giving me a hard time. Glad to know, I have set everything months before his deadline. Now, we are all set to go. This summer, if you have a little extra money, consider spending it on a vacation with your family. It might be expenditure but with memories in the making. ABSOLUTELY, NO REGRETS!

Hot Chocolate

What do you think is more heavenly on a rainy evening?! Well for me, I’d say it’s more heavenly when you have someone to chat with and a cup of hot chocolate!

It was a rainy evening when a close friend of mine, Sylvia, called me up and said that she needed someone to talk to. And the good friend that I was, I went to her rescue. And there, we met at a known coffee shop and surprisingly, she ordered a drink for me. She knows that I am not a coffee person and so she ordered a 16 oz. serving of hot chocolate. It was a rainy night and our talk went for hours!! I really had a pleasurable and relaxing moment that time. Even though it was her problems that we talked about, it was still a quality time that nourished the friendship that was sealed with a hot chocolate!

Balut or Duck’s Egg

I was rendering some overtime work at the office that day. And the usual trend is that we would usually ask our company driver to buy dinner for us. However, one of my officemates craved for “Balut” (a duck’s egg) and she asked me if I wanted to buy one also. And so I said yes. And when the “Balut” arrived, it brought me back to my childhood years when I used to love eating a 21-day old “Balut”. It was already years ago when I last ate such food and it made me happy that I get to eat it again! My officemates then giggled as we ate our respective share at the pantry as I tell them my childhood experiences with the food.

Mashed Potato or Ice Cream?

It seems fun how food are decorated nowadays. Sometimes, I thought that food is judged based on how it is plated rather than on how it tastes. But somehow, people seem to believe that their appetite for eating can be mainly affected on how the food is plated and served. That is why I wasn’t able to stop myself from giving out a laugh when I saw a mashed potato that was served in a mini-plate that looked like a single scoop of ice cream. I almost got fooled with its appearance because when you try to see it from a far it, indeed, looks like a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Good thing that when I tasted it, it did not taste like vanilla ice cream! Haha! But kidding aside, for food enthusiasts like me, food is just food! And the moment it tastes good, it would always boost up anybody’s appetite even if it wasn’t serve the fancy way.