No Water

It is about 8 o’clock in the evening and I was washing the dishes when I noticed that the water flowing from the faucet somewhat slow. After doing the dishes, I sat for awhile and it was time to take my shower before bedtime, I was alarmed when no water was coming out from the faucet. I immediately went out to ask some neighbors and we were informed that the engine of our water pump was damaged and needs to be repaired. It’s been one week now and it has not been restored. Good thing was that we can get water for our consumption at our friend’s house living in a nearby subdivision.

Check ‘n Cheap

If booking a room in a regular hotel in your place of destination is way out of your budget, why not seek for less expensive yet safe and clean accommodations? Months before our planned trip to Manila, I have already booked a safe, clean yet a cheap condo unit in Pasay City. With only php1, 200 per night, the place was equipped with a well-functioning air conditioner, a fridge for your food storage, a heater and shower in the bathroom, cable television, two equally spacious rooms, a kitchen with dining table and a cozy living room. The building itself has its elevator so you won’t have a hard time taking the stairs with your luggage and bags along with you. This place was referred to me by my colleague. It was a nice place as it was accessible to the railroad stations, bus and jeepney terminals for easy access to the city’s famous tourist spots. Another certified cheap travel tips from me—definitely neat and cheap!

Balanghay Shrine Museum

“Madyaw na Hinaat” that is greeting someone good morning in Butuan. I have visited this place twice already. It is a 10-hour drive from home though air buses are now readily available. Locals in Butuan believed that Butuan’s Masao was the site of the first mass ever held in the Philippines in the year 1521. They claim that “in the beginning, there was no Philippines; there was Butuan”. This place is the home of the “balanghays”, those boats with simple sails that were able to travel at sea. If you are interested in history, this place is right for you.

By day, you can check the Balanghay Shrine Museum in Ambangan, Libertad located near the El Rio de Butuan. You will be able to see different out- of- the- ordinary artifacts excavated at the site. By night, you can visit Barangay Bingkilan where the only cable-stayed bridge with steel deck and single tower in Mindanao is located. It is the Diosdado Macapagal Bridge. Want the best breakfast ever?

Head for the True Brew Coffee Shop where they serve the best coffee plus sandwiches and tacos. Best buys? Try Butuan’s Palagsing, a rice cake delicacy similar to suman that Butuan is famous of. What are you waiting for? Explore Philippines, explore Mindanao!

American Idol

American Idol’s 1st runner up Jessica Sanchez was today’s talk of the town. She is an Asian-Mexican-American teenager who made her way to stardom. She was a very talented singer, versatile as she can sing different genres of music yet was not able to take home the title as the American idol. Various speculations existed why she didn’t win the contest as to racial discrimination due to her being mix blood.

Well, whatever issue there is, still Jessica‘s #1 among the Filipino community. Infact, Filipino fans even created signages bearing Jessica’s name on it though obviously America is at the other end of the world. Jessica is a true symbol of Filipinos’ determination and perseverance in achieving impossible dreams. She was among other Filipinos who made their respective names in different industries outside Philippines with their own version of inspiring stories. Thus, being a Filipino is one best thing to be proud of. Be proud To Be PINOY!

Instant Body Massage

Here we go again…I and hubby with our little daughter went around Metro Manila, getting to tourist spots on jeepneys and on feet. Hehehe…Yes, we walked a lot around the place taking pictures like a pro. Funny it may seem but we had saved a lot of our cash and spared ourselves from few of dishonest cab drivers yet, ended up with aching leg muscles. Haha! It was tiring but inspiring. We had a great bonding moment, laughing together on our mistakes and that we had exercised our individual skills like memorizing map directions, train stations and speaking tagalog while asking information. Well, I and hubby were certified wanderers including our little girl who does not complain on having long walks. Of course with aching muscles, whole body massage was our last wish. Walking along the second floor of Manila’s famous oceanarium, we bump into one of the talking agents of a newly introduced massage equipment on display. He was persuading us to avail of his product and asked us to sit down and relax while trying their whole body massage including the one-of-a-kind foot massage FOR FREE! It was a 20-minute relaxing moment for us. That was instant! We were actually relieved and re-energized without spending a single peso. Great and wise, right?