Friday the 13th

What’s with number 13 anyway? It was then believed that number 13 brings bad omen to everyone. Have you noticed those tall buildings without a 13th floor on their elevators? How about those villages without the 13th street? Well, when that Friday before Easter is called “Good Friday”, Friday the 13th is then believed to be a “Bad Friday”. Everyone says anything associated with number 13 brings bad luck. I was about to accept it as true since my real name has 13 letters on it and my life since childhood has been a bit hard. I was bullied in school and grew up a teen with low self esteem and been fastidious. I was about to believe everything not until I chose to mature on things. I left behind all the bad thoughts in the past, forget about my 13-lettered name and chose to move on with life. I was in my mid 20’s then when I got to meet a nice man in the most unexpected place at the most inconvenient date—Friday the 13th___ and guess what… this man proposed to me after 2 years and we got married. Everything turned too well with the blessings of the Almighty. Indeed, love conquers all! Now, who says Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? Not for me…

When Too Much Cleanliness Gets Bad

Sanitation is one of the many advancements of Modern Science. It calls for everyone to be hygienic knowing that people all over the world, regardless of what status of living you belong or what country you come from, are now more aware of the significance of cleanliness. Though some would disregard its importance, others would do it beyond what is expected. Did you know that too much cleanliness can also be bad? Yes, this is the downside of it. According to a Hygiene Hypothesis, being “too overly clean” means lack of exposure to natural microbes in the surroundings which cause our immune system to not fully develop. With undeveloped immune system, one can build up allergies such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc. Our immune system has to be exposed to these radicals in the environment to make it stronger, function well and protect us upon “re-exposure” to said allergens. As it was often observed, children living in farms are less likely to acquire allergies be it respiratory or skin diseases as they are often exposed to our environment. Yet, it is still best to stay clean but not do it overly. As they always say: “too much of something is bad enough.”

Going Organic

Carrots are thin, tapering orange-colored root vegetable known as staple food for bunnies and rabbits. But I ain’t no bunny at all. I decided to make a list of foodstuff to buy for my weekend grocery when I thought of going organic to be healthy. This is not just for me but also for my daughter who refuses to try new taste of vegetable every now and then. Every time I feed her with such, she would shiver and spit out that poor piece of veggies. Carrots are rich in Beta Carotene, an essential vitamin needed by the human body especially the eyes and with that, I could not afford my daughter to miss the benefits this vegetable can render.

I finally decided to include carrots to my grocery list. I and my daughter went to a store one day and a canned carrot juice caught her attention. She immediately grabbed it and asked me to pay for it. To my surprise, I saw her sipping all the carrot juice she could drink. After the said incident, I talked to her trying to explain the good things about eating carrots. Finally, she agreed to include it in our menu and said, “Carrots are good that’s why bunnies love them, now mom, it’s bunny me!”

Green Thumb

Green Thumb is the term usually used to refer to a gardening skill or the natural ability to make plants grow well. Obviously, I am no green thumb. I always end up getting frustrated on planting flowers, taking extra, extra care of it, yet, only to find out it would die after a week or so. I do love flowers, I love their colors, not only flowers but trees too as they give us shade from the overwhelming heat of the sun. I could not imagine living this world without the colorful flowers, the greenery scenic spots of the mountains. These little creatures balance our ecosystem by giving us oxygen to breathe, but then again, here I am hopeless to make them grow. I do not have this natural ability to let them grow effortlessly. But since I always take life as a big challenge, I am on my way to prove that I could be a green thumb. To start with, I bought a 2 bagged red palm tree to plant in our yard. Hopefully, it will survive. With constant practice, I believe I can make them grow, after all, as said, practice makes things perfect!

More Than Just Fashion

Wearing sunglasses during hot days is an important regimen to do. It is one way of protecting our eyes from the overwhelming ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is very important to protect our eyes. Think about the things you do with your eyes every day. No doubt about it, no one wants to get blind for life. Now that it is summer, we should avoid direct sunlight to get into our eyes as this would probably burn some essential parts of it that would cause irreversible damage. It is recommended to use shades or sunglasses. Wearing it does not always mean a fashion statement. Some may wear sunglasses with different styles, designs and colors only to parade it and add it up to their being trendy. But wearing it provides more than what is expected. It acts like a barrier from UV rays. I bought myself two pairs this weekend. It is trendy but shady enough to protect my eyes. Now I know, it is more than just fashion, it is a shield to the windows of our soul—our eyes, after all, our eyes were way too important to take chances with!