Groom’s to Do’s on the Day of the Wedding

Weddings are for brides. But Brides wants their grooms to be primed and ready to face the cameras that will eternally grace the wedding album. Do watch the hangover to understand the dos and don’ts before the wedding day. But to keep you guys in line for the day of the wedding here is a list of things you must remember.

Get a good night’s sleep, don’t forget the ring, check the honeymoon schedule, listen to the stylist that you hired to take care of you on your wedding day, ask your stylist how to get rid of acne if you are one of the unlucky few, kiss your mom and shake your dad’s hands, don’t forget your medications, eat a small meal before leaving for the church and lastly enjoy every moment.

Getting Fit and Glowing As a Bride-To-Be

Congratulations, you’ve just had “the question” popped to you – as the surprise and exhilaration will probably linger for days and weeks, it may subside as feelings of anxiety start to settle in. After all, there’s a complicated wedding that has to be planned! There are cakes to taste, venues to tour, musicians to audition . . . and, if you’re anything like most brides, you want to look your best as you walk down the aisle. This can add to the pressure you are feeling, so below are a few tips to help you look and feel good for your big day.

facial care

Becoming Toned & Fit

It’s natural that you may want to lose a few extra pounds before your wedding. Avoid crash diets and, instead, implement a routine of consistent exercise and healthy eating. Be realistic with your weight-loss goals. After all, starving yourself will make you and the people around you miserable. Plus, by striving to hit an unreasonable weight in a short amount of time, you’re going to become discouraged and perhaps emotionally beat yourself up. Take comfort in knowing that many bridal dress companies like David’s Bridal are increasingly catering to ladies with curves, so you can look fabulous regardless of what the scale reads.


Blemishes and large pores can’t be cured overnight, so start giving your complexion the TLC it needs as early as possible. Eat foods that will allow you to naturally glow, like salmon, blueberries, olive oil and whole wheat. Always, always remove makeup before going to bed, and routinely use a facial mask or microdermabrasion washes to remove grime and help make pores appear shallower.  Professional facials will help address specific issues and put you into a deep relaxation, but be certain to let your dermatologist or esthetician when your wedding day is approaching so they can avoid applying treatments that will leave your skin looking temporarily red and raw. Plus, remember to moisturize from head-to-toe, paying special attention to feet, elbows and hands.


There are simple steps you can take to have a pearly smile in your wedding photos. Like many skin products, whitening products do not work miracles after their first usage, so start using them sooner rather than later. Scheduling a teeth cleaning prior to the big day never hurts and, afterwards, avoid consuming liquids that stain like coffee and wine. Foods like apples and carrots will naturally scrub away tarter throughout the day, and flossing is a must.


While you may want to treat yourself to a new hair cut or dye job, avoid doing anything extreme in case it turns out different than you imagined. To give your hair that extra luxurious bounce, eat bananas, oats, dark leafy veggies, oysters and beans. If you’re a summer bride, make sure to apply hair sunscreen so the hot sun doesn’t dry out your tresses and consider applying a shine-boosting product that will allow your locks to come across as especially moist and healthy during the photo shoot.

As your wedding day approaches, make sure that, despite stress, you’re receiving the proper amount of sleep and are eating three meals a day. After all, you want to feel fresh and beautiful as you exchange vows with your husband, rather than tired and ragged.

5 Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas

Bored of the usual chocolate or sugared almond wedding favours? Want to give your guests something that will make them remember your wedding as the wedding of the century? Gift them one of the unusual wedding favours below and they’ll still be talking about your wedding for years to come. You could even get in touch with a wedding planner, such as Collection 26 to help you take the stress of planning the finer details.

Edible Favours

Edible favours are a lovely idea, but chocolate hearts and sugared almonds have already been done to death. If you want to give your guests edible favours, make them elegant. Not willing to give up the chocolate favours? Get your initials engraved onto chocolate lollies. Huge fan of sweeties? Try some artisan boiled sweeties in flavours like elderflower or redcurrant. Other great edible favours include toffees and even miniature bottles of champagne or liquor.

Foodie Favours

Foodie favours are a great way to ensure that your guests remember your wedding for years to come – particularly if you get them something that can be used everyday. Engraved wooden spoons, cookie cutters, miniature graters, personalised tea towels, salt and pepper shakers and even unique artisan teabags are all great gifts, suitable for every guest.

Green Favours

Give the gift of renewal with a green-fingered favour. Personalised packets of seeds are a unique yet elegant favour that every guest will enjoy – give away seeds that will grow into the flowers at your wedding, or try evergreen seeds that will come back year after year. Opt for bright and elegant flowers – lilies are always a wonderful choice, as are roses and climbing plants. Other green-fingered gifts include pots of herbs, cacti, bonsai trees and even miniature apple or pear trees.

Home Favours

Pretty yet personalised favours for the home are always a great choice. Candles are an elegant option – choose either unscented candles, or subtle scents that won’t override other scents that your guests may have in their homes. You could also opt for candles that have the same scent as your flowers, or that evoke memories of your wedding venue – for example, if your venue is outdoors, you might want to choose a fresh, outdoorsy scent with a hint of pine. Elegant murano glass is always a great choice, too – try murano keyrings, wine stoppers and even coasters.

Beauty Favours

Handbag staple beauty favours will go down a treat at any wedding. Personalised lipsticks are ideal for female guests, but just make sure that you choose a fairly neutral, rosy colour. Lip balms, glosses and organic products like mascara or day cream are also great choices, while a pretty or personalised compact mirror will always work well. As for men, try miniature bottles of cologne or small tubs of moisturiser.

Make your favours extra-special by either personalising them, or by attaching a personalised tag or message.  It’s also a great idea to tie your favours into your theme –  for example, if you’re going for shabby chic, hand-tie your boxes or bags with some floral ribbon, or if you have a specific colour theme in mind, choose favours that tie in with your theme.

Wedding Beach Dresses For The Perfect Bride

Over a decade, weddings are being with held in a church wherein the bride wears her long gown wedding dress, high heeled white shoes or tall sandals making it bulkier and more formal. Today, beach wedding dress is now applicable, no need to worry of those expensive long gowns and shoes; you’re just going to wear any casual clothes that is suitable for the theme called beach wedding. It can help you have a romantic beach wedding, so you will be able to enjoy the beach, enjoy the music and walks around the golden orange sand.

These are typical fit for younger people who want to have a simpler wedding and exhibit their own great personality. These casual wedding dress is inexpensive and affordable than long gowns that are commonly used and is prefer due to its elegant style, with these beach dress, it has several types and styles making it more fashionable not only to the bride, also to the bridesmaid and the groom.