Steps To Sourcing For Right Candidates

One of the biggest hurdles of organizations’ human resources department today is attracting the candidates with the perfect profile into their doorsteps. Even with the height of unemployment, very few are qualified for certain positions. So, how would they be able to bring in the right candidates in? Here are some tips that you may want to consider

  • Explore social media. The influence of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is massive. Your friends of friends and their networks surely would provide you with a number of good applications.
  • Always carry a business card. There would be instances that you would come across some good candidates while riding a subway, eating at a restaurant or inside a coffee shop. A good business card designer online online can help you provide a set of professionally looking cards to give away.
  • Tie up with universities. Build long-term relationship with colleges and universities. Pick those schools that offer courses in line with your business needs.