Summer Fun for the Whole Family

Summer is here again, and this can only mean two things for the whole family, and that is a well-deserved vacation and fun in the sun. Don’t know how to spend your vacation at all? We have you covered because below are two ideas that you can consider. Not only will these great ideas let your kids enjoy their summer, it will also be a good way to bond and spend time together, making you closer as ever.

family car camping

1. Take a Camping Trip

Going camping is a good way for the kids to learn about the wilderness and animals. Aside from that, this is a good opportunity for them to enjoy themselves without their gadgets and handheld devices. Because of that, they would be able to focus on the activities that you have in store for them. If you do not want to go camping, you can always stay on a resort that is just four to six hours away from your home.

Safety Reminder for this Trip

Make sure that you pack a first aid kit with you. Also, do not forget to prepare the vehicle or RV that you are going to use. Buy Tyres in Auckland if the ones you utilize now are worn out because it may pose a danger to your family. You can also go for Mag and Tyres – Shock Absorbers because it will make the whole trip more comfortable, especially when on the rough terrain. Another thing to take note of is the insect repellant. You do not want your kids to suffer from insect bites and not enjoy their trip at all.

2. Swim in Your Own Home

If you do not have enough time for a camping trip, or think that it is too much of a hassle to leave the comforts of your own home, then by all means just stay inside and swim on the pool. Right now you are probably thinking how you can do this seeing that you do not own a pool. However, with every problem comes a solution, and in your case it is an above ground swimming pools in NZ. Installation is quick and easy, so after several days you can really enjoy your vacation in your very own patio or backyard without all the hassle.

Spend your vacation well this summer by doing the aforementioned. Also, do not forget to follow the safety tips stated. Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry, and you do not want to have an awful vacation all because you did not follow a good advice from a concerned friend.

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Mayon Volcano

Legaspi is home to the Mayon Volcano known for its famous perfect cone. Located in Daraga, Albay this volcano can be seen in its entire splendor by rising early at 7:00 am and jogging up to Lignon Hill. Legaspi is also home of the Cagsawa Church. The belfry tower is one of the famous landmarks in the Philippines. Volunteer guides are readily available to tell you gladly about the history of this beautiful structure.

By night, if you are trying to relax, go to Penaranda Park or Freedom Park. Albay Capitol Annex has several good places to eat and drink. Food trip? Try the Guinobatan longganisa with garlic fried rice and egg for breakfast and Adobong Bicol, pinangat (the Bicol version of laing) and Bicol Express for dinner. Try also the different varieties of pili nut candy- they’re addictive!

If planning to go out of town, try going to Legaspi which is best in the summer from March to May as it caters so much stuffs to enjoy during this season. Plan your summer trip for next year, take Legaspi as an option!

Ayala Terraces

This is one of hubby’s photographic shot of Ayala Center Cebu’s terraces. I just knew that this part of Ayala Center is called terraces because the area was used to be a simple lagoon. Ayala transformed it to a food area and beverage strip with the signature Ayala-landscaping and orchestrated water features. It is an overlooking view from the Mall’s veranda. We could see strollers and shoppers all around. It was said that on an average day, more than 85,000 people visit Ayala Center Cebu and the figure is even more on weekends. The ambience of the park is great. The lights during nighttime complement the beautiful landscape.

Train Yourself

When traveling to a new place such as the metropolitan areas of the Philippines, particularly Metro Manila, various forms of transportation exist such as Public Utility Jeepneys, taxi cabs, tricycles, horse-drawn carriages, public buses and trains. As for me, I wanted to spend my money wisely. My first day in Manila wasn’t that nice at all. It wasn’t my first time to be there though, but I was aware of the tricky city drivers trying to deceive the riding public with their fake taxi rates. Despite the fact that I was aware of it, still tricky, dishonest drivers outnumbered the honest and truthful few. I hated my experience of paying twice the actual fare due to the taxi driver’s dishonesty. After such disgusting incident, I decided to be more alert. Instead of taking the taxi to go around the metro, I took the LRT or the Light Railway Train to go from one place to the other and Jeepneys on interior parts of the city. Taking the train only cost me p15 bucks. It is hassle-free, fast and cheap! Thus, I finally “trained” myself! Lol…