Five Useful Information About Garlic

There is no secret that garlic, in spite its not-so-attractive-odor, is a miniature wonder that nature generously offered us to improve our health and well being, while still having some additional features that may come in handy around the house.

Any medical journal, including the high authority site WebMD, talks about garlic’s medicinal use and benefits lasting from ancient times: from treating cold and coughing to high blood pressure to preventing the risk of colon, stomach or rectal cancer and from preventing tick bites to cure fungal infections, garlic has a lot of medical positive effects on humans, provided we keep in mind the possible side-effects and interactions. But garlic can be used also as home-made cosmetics which usually include face cleansers and hair and skin lotions and medical magazines draw some attention over the beneficial effects of garlic over people’s libidos.

Outside the house, garlic is a very good pest control natural prevention method and treatment, as planted along some types of vegetable and flower crops (tomatoes, cabbage, cane fruits, fruit trees or roses) it helps repel and deter a lot of garden pests, such as the Japanese beetle, aphids, onion flies or ermine moths. But how about indoor, everyday mundane (or sportive) use of garlic? If you don’t suffer from a bad case of vampire infestation, you won’t use the garlic elsewhere but the kitchen.

1. Garlic is a natural glue

If you prepared garlic cloves for cooking and you crushed them, you certainly noticed that your fingers became quite sticky. Garlic juice has gluing properties so if you are in the middle of finishing a paper craft or to fix a paper-made object (like a lampshade for instance) and you ran out of glue, try sticking together the paper pieces with garlic juice. It will hold enough, don’t worry about it.

2. Garlic can repair glass

Also due to its natural gluing feature, garlic juice can prevent glass cracks to expand any further. Of course, we are talking here about hairline cracks, as a broken window will stay a broken window. But if you notice some fine cracks on a wine glass, a window, even your car windshield, rub some crushed garlic cloves on the cracks and make sure you remove any liquid or solid leftovers.

3. Garlic de-ices surfaces

Local authorities probably know that garlic salt de-ices roads or side-walks in the winter, but you should know this too if you want to de-ice some surface. Garlic salt is something good to have around the kitchen, especially when you cook something spicy and special and the good news is you can make it at home from minced garlic and large grain or sea salt, obviously. Keep it stored for exquisite dishes and from de-icing quickly some surfaces.

4. Garlic also cleans surfaces

Now you’re wondering how garlic can clean something if it is used to glue surfaces. Well, that depends on what you add to the garlic, just like in the cooking’s case. So in order to turn a surface clean and disinfected and not sticky, mix in a pulverizing bottle 4 or five very fine minced garlic cloves, white vinegar and lemon oil drops (a few will suffice). Shake and leave the ingredients to exchange information and properties, then spray the mixture on surfaces that need cleaning and disinfecting.

5. Garlic can be used as fish bait

It’s true you shouldn’t go on a first date after eating anything with garlic, aphrodisiac or not, as the only thing you’ll fish will be your lonely sad self, but you can use it if you enjoy the simple and exciting pleasures of fishing. Apparently, bass and trout are big fans of garlic-covered marshmallows, so before you embark the fishing trip, make sure you take along some marshmallows you thoroughly immersed in garlic powder or even minced garlic.