Olympic Cycling Events

Cycling generally only gets trotted out as a sport during the Olympics, unless you happen to be European. As a result of this cycling in the Olympics has managed to support a few different events. These test almost every skill you can get on two wheels. Here’s a helpful breakdown of the different events and what they all mean.

There are four main types of event.

  1. BMX
  2. Road Cycling
  3. Track Cycling
  4. Mountain Biking


The newest discipline to enter the Olympic games this consists of a series of circular courses ridden by eight cyclists at once. These tracks all feature a number of ramps and obstacles for the cyclists to navigate. The four best athletes in each event go through to the next heat. Each track begins on a ten meter ramp and lasts 470 meters for men and 430 for women. The event is usually seen as a test for the adaptability of a rider, as there’s a little more variety in the tracks than any other event.

Road Cycling

Road Cycling consists of two different varieties of event. The race, and the time trial. Both are fiercely competitive. The road race is won by the first person who crosses the finish line while the time trial relies on individual speed unobstructed by other competitors. Both events use specialised road bikes. These Road Bikes have lightweight frames and low handlebars in order to gain as much forward momentum and speed as possible. The men’s track for a race is 250 kilometres for men and 140 for women, while the time trial track is 46 for men and 32 for women.

Track Cycling

Cycling track has existed since the first Modern Era Olympic games. Cyclists perform in indoor arenas to ensure they will not suffer from weather restrictions. In Cycling-Track the bikes are designed to reach the single highest speed possible, with no brakes or enhanced steering. After all a rider does not want to stop suddenly. There are five events in track. Sprint, Team Psprint, Kerin, Team Pursuit and Omnium. This gives many opportunities to showcase the rider’s talents.

Mountain Biking

Mountain bike is a fairly new event, consisting of Cross Country events, courses that feature ups downs, trails and rough tracks. The bicycles used in mountain biking differ significantly from those used in road racing. They are designed to be sturdier and absorb more impact with less damage, often at the cost of speed. Mountain biking events last between 90 and 105 minutes.  Participants complete a pre-established number of laps. The one who finishes first wins. It’s an event that’s as simple and easy to explain as it is difficult to master

The Olympics is a high profile event that brings eyes from all around the world and it’s cycling events show off every detail of the cycling world. It should be a must for any cycling fan and with any luck you will soon understand everything you need to about the sport and its ins and outs.

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