Cool for guitars and nerdy for books

My friend wanted to see me after their band practice, we agreed to meet at the south mall because it’s much convenient for both of us plus there’s a book that I’ve been really wanting to buy on a bookstore there so it’s all good. I went at the mall a little early because I like looking at book covers and eye some of the one’s I would buy later on.

When my friend texted me to meet her at a music store located at the 2nd floor, I hurried over and I was surprised to see people crowding the place only to find out that their band member is showing off his exciting beatbuddy pedal playing to a bunch of girls screaming. I just rolled my eyes and pulled my friend over.

The Music Teacher who doesn’t own an Instrument

My dad is a music teacher. He teaches different instruments to high school students, but he doesn’t have his own instrument. I told him he can get a good deal for has launchkey alto sax at Musicians Friend and it’s about time that he invests in something that he will be able to use at work and have fun with at the same time like. He’s a music lover and I know how much he wants to have his own instrument—something he can bring to school and practice at home.

I have been very convincing and I think he is finally considering the idea. My dad is the type of guy who likes to save rather than spend (he’s very thrifty) and so it’s hard to persuade him to buy something that he doesn’t really really need.

Living in the Fast Lane

The continuous technological progress is very helpful to everyone. It makes life so much easier and more convenient. Everything can be done quickly nowadays—there’s no need to wait for a long period of time because most things are instant.

The technology is very useful, especially to musicians like me. Now, we have different equipment to help make the work lighter and faster. We have great devices such as guitar to online music instrument stores at Musicians Friend that can instantly connect the instrument to any computer device for easy mixing and recording. We’re all living in the fast lane these days and it’s up to us to make the most of our time and get the most benefits from the modern world.

Sing Like A Diva

Searching for an enhance microphone can be a tough one for you especially when you have to used it for stage play or even in to some concerts. I’m talking about good studio microphone which is made with its unique and very interesting design. Also, it varies into different sizes and styles which are made to be a unique one. In addition, it gives you that perfect clarity of voice you basically wanted to have. Most of the prices varies from $50 dollars and above, it all depends on the features of each selected microphone you are about to choose.

These martin n-20 are guaranteed to be made in such a great quality with low prices as well. You get to see some of these microphones in some music stores or even purchased one of it through online stores and with free delivery at your doorstep as well. It would be a perfect fit to your needs.

The Little Musician

I’ve always been a fan of country music. My friends think it’s weird because I’m the only 20 year old girl in the block who prefers country over pop. Sometimes, I even find my taste in music a little strange—I think I got it from my dad who used to play all kinds of country music whenever he’s tinkling on something in the garage.

Anyway, since I was a kid I vowed to myself to learn how to play the banjo. It’s my favorite instrument and kind of gives a distinct sound to the music being played. Now, I have enough money to buy my own banjo—and I did! I got myself a 3rd power amps at an agreeable price. The quality is absolutely splendid and I’m already learning how to play some of my favorite songs with it.