Electronic Cigarettes: Breaking the Social Stigma

For years, the traditional cigarette has become a black sheep when it comes to items produced and sold all over the world. You know exactly why this is the case even though most traditional smokers are keen on denying it. Traditional cigarettes cause lung cancer, is heavy on the pocket, and does not give any benefits at all. However, after the introduction of its counterpart, the Electronic cigarettes, in general are breaking free from the social stigma that was cast upon it. Here are the reasons why it’s more accepted by people.

1. Goodbye Bad Breath

It is no secret that traditional cigarettes can cause a foul odor on your mouth. No matter how many mint candies you chew, you can never get rid of the smell easily. The only way to do it is to brush your teeth, and sadly you cannot do that every time you smoke. In the meantime, the electronic cigarette or E cigs eliminates such problems. Because it does not contain tobacco, you can say goodbye to bad breath totally. That is why non-smokers and smokers alike prefer this over the traditional kind of cigarette.

2. Cheaper Type of Cigarette

Another factor that made the e cigarettes more popular is the price. Some people may argue that this is more expensive than traditional ones because it has battery, but in reality, the battery carries the brunt of what you are going to spend the whole month. Compared to traditional cigarettes, the e cigarettes do not prevent you from buying a pack everyday like what you used to do. If you do not believe this, you can check out the prices at www.21stcenturysmoke.com and do a comparison.

3. A Safe Alternative

The last factor you have to consider is the safety. Because you do not light the electronic cigarettes due to the battery used, there is no fire hazard involved when smoking one. You know by now that traditional cigarettes have caused numerous fires in the past, and that factor contributed to the social stigma that made people hate it to have in their home and buildings.

Thanks to electronic cigarette, the stigma has been broken. If you want to benefit from the changes, you will definitely shift your attention to it. Start jumping ships now by going to 21stcenturysmoke.com.

Learn to Quit Smoking While You’re Still a Teen

The percent of teen smokers in this generation is getting higher compared before and the percent of them quitting is getting low. Teenagers are prone to smoking since they are in the stage wherein they go out with peers, seeking independence and acceptance. They think that the best thing to help them build friends is to follow what the others are doing for them not to be left behind, that’s why most teens become chain smokers and drug abusers.

Start as early as now

Teenagers are very curious about the things that adults do, and that why they do it. Curiosity is the start of the problem here, the moment you get curious and try it for the first time, it will lead to another time, but it’s never too late for the teenagers to quit because they are still young. Quitting at a young age is easier than quitting once you grow old doing it.

Inform the people you know

Cessation is easier once the people around you understand how serious you are. They can support you and give you encouragements on your progress. It is better that you can find a buddy that also has the same goal as you, this will lessen the hardship because the two of you can encourage each other.

Remove all stimulants

Throw all your cigarettes away, you don’t need those nicotine gums and electric cigarettes and certainly you don’t need those ash trays. Anything that reminds you of smoking must be kept away from your house or if you cannot avoid seeing them then it’s better that you stay away.

Know the word LIMIT

Once your system gets use to smoking, it’s not always that easy to quit immediately because it has some withdrawal syndromes. One might get depressed or nervous, others might be irritated easily or it will increase their appetite. A much more realistic approach is to limit your smoking per day. If you are used to smoking two packs a day then you can begin by smoking a pack a day, then you gradually decrease it. Soon enough you’ll only smoke when you need to and not the daily basis.

Try to relax and create a diversion, instead of smoking why not create a new hobby by getting into sports, photography, art or literature. You must train your mind to control your cravings; it’ll pay well in the future.

Quit Smoking: A Guide to Kicking the Habit for Good

Cigarettes have long been a symbol of status. Various business cultures have entire sub-languages that can be expressed with the offer or smoking of the right brand of cigarette, and the classic image of the suited businessman is rarely complete without a cigarette in his hand or mouth. All health issues associated with smoking aside, culture tends to depict smoking as something cool and classy.

However, we are seeing more and more businesspeople quitting smoking nonetheless. Part of the reason for this is due to the increasing backlash against smoking and the increased number of locations that have outlawed smoking in public areas. The reasons cited for this are often health-related, so they’re difficult to argue with, and there’s rarely much opposition when a municipal or state government wants to pass regulations that change when and where you can smoke. Even small jurisdictions like individual college campuses are restricting when and where smokers can light up.

Consequently, we are seeing the social appeal of smoking diminish, and this is leading more individuals to make the decision to quit. Quitting cigarettes is difficult, but often as not, people don’t smoke because they enjoy it. Rather, they smoke to cultivate a certain image to those around them. This is especially true in modern business cultures, where many established businessmen will simply expect partners and rivals to be interested in a cigarette. However, as the number of places one can legally smoke decline, so too do the appeal and social benefits, leading to a rise in individuals quitting.

New Innovation Way to Fight the Issue of Smoking

There are many issues and concerns that make people desire to quit smoking, yet even though smokers are aware of the hazardous effects of this habit, they still really love doing it. We know they are not blind to what they read and hear about the health concerns of smoking from news and health sources. They know the connections smoking has to cancer, and of course they are not dumb, they just can’t get away this powerful addiction.

how to quit smoking

The Hand to Mouth Habit

Some individuals habitually have a cigarette hanging from their mouths. There is something psychological about the hand to mouth habit that is satisfied by smoking. Smoking is an oral pleasure that has many components beyond hand to mouth satisfaction: the taste, the feeling and the effect. So even if you try to replace it with food like candy, nuts or chocolates, it is still very hard to stop smoking.

Mind Stimulation

The mind can think well when outside stimuli are reduced. Smoking truly gives a kind of smoke screen that serves to close out preoccupations. This explains why numerous individuals have reported that they can’t think or compose without smoking. And so it is advisable to buy electronic cigarettes at this point.

The New Innovation Cigarettes

There are some e cigs that have nicotine and others that are nicotine free. These have provided a great tool to help people quit smoking. Sometimes it is just a reduction which can eventually lead to being totally smoke free. And you immediately relieve your body from the stress of inhaling smoke. There is nicotine, but there are no harmful chemicals in it. This is an advantage for everyone around you too, as you are no longer exhaling smoke. Having the e-cigarette is a big help to give your taste buds the feeling of smoking and fulfills the hand to mouth habit. This could provide the remaining motivation to help you quit.

And it’s also a good way to save money on the cost of smoking since this new innovation is rechargeable and reusable, except the flavors, of course. But the main point is that electronic cigarettes are not as dangerous to your health and you can decrease the amount of nicotine you are inhaling to help you kick this habit once and for all.