Conscious Mind Discussions

Have you ever wonder about your dreams? That’s sometimes it’s weird, happy or horrifying? I don’t know about fortune telling but based on Psychology we have the conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

Conscious Mind

When we are in conscious mind, we are aware of everything from what we do and what we are saying. In our sub-conscious mind, here lie all the dormant memories, knowledge, and memories that are not often used or remembered. These are withheld emotions and sometimes dreams pour out too many events, it passes through the sub-conscious mind.

Just like trying to remember a person, when you want to say something or remembering but it’s in the tip of your tongue, or a half meant joke. In the unconscious mind, it is where our dreams and desires are suppressed. Feelings of guilt, what we truly desire and fears are that are pictured in our dreams.

So when you wonder if you are dreaming of someone dying or being chased by ghost or monsters, falling in love, breaking up with someone, winning the lottery, don’t go to the fortune teller because that’s just your unconscious mind visioning your fears and your inner desires.