No Water

It is about 8 o’clock in the evening and I was washing the dishes when I noticed that the water flowing from the faucet somewhat slow. After doing the dishes, I sat for awhile and it was time to take my shower before bedtime, I was alarmed when no water was coming out from the faucet. I immediately went out to ask some neighbors and we were informed that the engine of our water pump was damaged and needs to be repaired. It’s been one week now and it has not been restored. Good thing was that we can get water for our consumption at our friend’s house living in a nearby subdivision.

American Idol

American Idol’s 1st runner up Jessica Sanchez was today’s talk of the town. She is an Asian-Mexican-American teenager who made her way to stardom. She was a very talented singer, versatile as she can sing different genres of music yet was not able to take home the title as the American idol. Various speculations existed why she didn’t win the contest as to racial discrimination due to her being mix blood.

Well, whatever issue there is, still Jessica‘s #1 among the Filipino community. Infact, Filipino fans even created signages bearing Jessica’s name on it though obviously America is at the other end of the world. Jessica is a true symbol of Filipinos’ determination and perseverance in achieving impossible dreams. She was among other Filipinos who made their respective names in different industries outside Philippines with their own version of inspiring stories. Thus, being a Filipino is one best thing to be proud of. Be proud To Be PINOY!

Channing Tatum

The multi-talented actor, Channing Tatum, is the main star of this early 2012 movie entitled: “The Vow”. A lot of my friends said that the movie is beautiful because it has a very nice plot. And that’s aside from the fact that they were mad fans of Channing Tatum. For weeks, this movie and actor has been the favourite topic. And because of that, I was able to pick-up some facts about this guy. A lot of praises says that he is someone who got it all! He can act, dance and pose (I dunno if he can sing). He is really one of a kind and the entertainment industry really needs someone as versatile like him to continuously entertain people.

Nina Dobrev

Who would miss that beautiful girl who creates that spark between the Salvatore Brothers in the TV series “The Vampire Diaries (TVD)”?! For TVD fanatics she is Elena Gilbert also known as Katherine Pierce, but in real life she is Nina ConstantinovaDobreva or more popularly known as Nina Dobrev. She is a Bulgarian-Canadian girl that does well in acting and modeling.

Her role in the TVD series is quite her for she is playing two different characters—one is a vampire from the year 1864 and two, an ordinary modern day mortal. In all fairness, she does the acting job very well. Every time both characters appear in an episode, I am always convinced that the two characters are played by two different people. She’s one of the best teenage actresses in today’s generation.

The Jewel Man

While I was strolling inside a new arcade in town, I saw a shop that sells pearls and sterling silvers. I was wondering if they sell eternity rings and so I went inside the shop. My eyes travelled through the line of cultured pearls inside the shop. Then a man asked me if I was looking for something. He was an old man, around sixty years old, and he was friendly as he approached me, and so I didn’t hesitated to ask him if they sell eternity rings. He guided me to another glass box and opened a tray of rings. There, he showed me a silver ring studded with Swarovski crystals. Then he told me that he made those ring himself. From then on, I called him the Jewel man. He even offered if I wanted him to make an eternity ring that is made of real diamonds. And now I’m thinking about his offer.