Celebrate the Christmas Season with More Joy this Year

Christmas only comes once a year, but for many of us, that first chime of the sleigh bells or festive song on the radio can be enough to instill a growing sense of panic. If the thought of Thanksgiving doesn’t make you thankful, or buying the Christmas tree out doesn’t bring much joy, we suggest a few simple strategies that will help you make light of the holiday season.


Apply your time management skills

Maybe you feel that you simply don’t have the time to make all the necessary preparations and arrangements? In which case, you might want to take a look at your time management skills in both your personal and professional life.

Prioritize tasks and allocate time to those, look at areas in your life where you could possibly delegate tasks to others. If you run a household for example, does it really need to be you that does all the shopping? Fixes all the meals? Can your partner or kids get more involved in buying things like the Christmas decorations? If you make a list, plan and tick off a task when you’ve completed it, you might find that it helps you become more organized in other areas of your life too.

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving and Christmas are regular fixtures on the calendar so they shouldn’t come as a surprise. Planning ahead will enable you to see what you need to do and when things need to be done by: signing off a project at work, buying gifts, even getting the Thanksgiving turkey in!

Re-connect with loved ones

Many people believe that, as the golden orange of fall gives way to the harsh cold and darkness of winter, this is also the time for us to retreat and reflect. If this time of the year doesn’t fill you with happiness, then use this period of reflection to work out why.

In this supposed time of goodwill to all men, it can be difficult to acknowledge that you’re a little lonely. Maybe you don’t have so many family or friends, or they live too far away for you to visit? In which case, resolve to reach out and become more personable. Get involved in charity or voluntary work, join an adult education class, look at this time as an opportunity for you to look at ways where you can broaden your social circle.

Get creative with your giving

Finally, maybe you feel that you simply don’t have the dollars to celebrate or buy gifts for people this year. Not a problem; instead of buying into consumerism, look around you and see what gifts you can make for people for free. Nature can be a wonderful source of materials, pictures can be made from collages, paintings from very little. Try to give people unique and individual low – and no – cost gifts this Christmas. With a bit of reflection, this time of year needn’t be the time when you act like an ostrich at the first sight of turkey!

Top Ten Halloween Costumes 2013

As Halloween approaches, it will be natural that you’ll want to get in the mood for it, and with the popularity of TV programmes and characters, it can be tough to know what costumes are hot and which are not. Take a look and find which celebrity, or scary monster you want to be on 31st October 2013.

1- Monster Morphsuit

Morphsuits have quickly risen to being one of the most popular costumes worldwide and for this Halloween they are bringing the scare factor back to Halloween with this new limited edition monster collection; the clown in particularly is a sure fire way of scaring those closest to you.

2- Real Beating Heart Zombies

With the trend towards wearable technology exploding, such as Google glasses, this Halloween will see the first ever costumes that incorporate smartphone app animations, invented by the NASA scientist Mark Rober. Whatever gruesome character you are, your iPhone runs an app displaying a beating heart or moving eyes to those around you. You can toggle through 3 other different animations to show crawling maggots, tarantulas and wriggling snakes to blow peoples minds…! Simply download the FREE Morphsuits app, select your animation and get ready to be king of the party!

3- Miley Cyrus

The former Hannah Montana star is in the media on a daily basis at the moment, but for all of the wrong reasons. Miley will be everywhere you look this Halloween- through a combination of her remaining child fans, people mocking her recent antics and some odd, grown men.

4- Despicable Me 2 Minions

Despicable Me 2 has been one of 2013’s most popular films, with the minion characters taking the main focus, who doesn’t love a little yellow one eyed little thing? Toys, t-shirts and now Halloween costumes are expected to follow, and sell huge figures. The cuddly minions will be popular amongst children across the country.

5- Saving Private Morph

Lets face it; toy soldier costumes have always been one of the most popular and fun group costumes to dominate a party, and this trend is only set to increase this year with the release of the new Call of Duty video game, this will be one outfit all the guys will be talking about.

6- Khaleesi

Game of Thrones has become one of televisions hottest shows, and Khaleesi has become the most loved character. The rise in her popularity has seen many starting to call their daughter by her name; unique and beautiful. With the show being the talk of the world even whilst on hiatus, you can bet you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of Khaleesi costumes.

7- Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the worlds most popular, and loveable characters, but the 2013 release of Iron Man 3 has  only seen its demand increase. Labeled a cool, flashy and desirable costume, why would you want to be this superhero?

8- Transforming Costumes

Real transforming costumes are sure to be the award winning costume as this is the first Halloween they are available to buy with limited edition stock. Perfect for when you’re being chased by a gaggle of girls or the establishment or when you’re just at a party and want to blow party-goers minds with your transforming skills… robots, cars, you’ll be a real life Transformer.

9- Baby Shrek

Shrek is one of most popular films for the last decade, and the demand to be Shrek is as hot as ever. Although the character is deemed as a scary ogre, he is loveable and friendly, with a good heart. With this cuteness in mind, expect to see plenty of cute babies in a Shrek costume.

10- Batman

Batman has forever been a favourite character for children and adults alike, and always a popular choice for a Halloween costume. Smart, stylish and sharp, Batman is the perfect choice for all… A safe, but popular choice! Now all you need to do is find somebody to be Robin.

Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers

Today is a very special day to the entire daddy’s out there. Though Father’s day is celebrated in different dates in other countries, but the idea of the celebration is still the same, and that is honoring our fathers.


In the Philippines fathers are called differently depending on each family. I call my father “papa”, some will call their fathers tatay, itay, daddy, dada, dad, papang depending on each tribes and cultural influence. Celebrating fathers doesn’t really need to be expensive. I know some would take their dad to his favorite restaurant’s and buy him something expensive like a watch, or a branded shoes and clothes but we can show our love to them by dispensing little of our cash and more of our efforts.

Wake up early and do all dad chores, clean his car. Make him a hearty breakfast in bed while wishing him “Happy Father’s day”. Make an activity, do all the things that your father likes to do. Cook his favorite meal, chat with him; reminisce everything about him being a father, ask him what really being a father is like. Being a father has equal importance as mothers because he serves as our protective wall, he is steadfast though he may not be a nagger just like a mother but whenever a father discipline’s a child he sees to it that a child get his point. Let us honor our father for being great and for loving our mother.

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No Water

It is about 8 o’clock in the evening and I was washing the dishes when I noticed that the water flowing from the faucet somewhat slow. After doing the dishes, I sat for awhile and it was time to take my shower before bedtime, I was alarmed when no water was coming out from the faucet. I immediately went out to ask some neighbors and we were informed that the engine of our water pump was damaged and needs to be repaired. It’s been one week now and it has not been restored. Good thing was that we can get water for our consumption at our friend’s house living in a nearby subdivision.