Mango Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Mangoes have been one of my favourite tropical fruit, be it raw or ripe. You can eat the fruit as it is, you can turn it into a refreshing smoothie, and you can even put it on pastries, add them to your vegetable salads or serve it as an appetizer, what more can you ask from a fruit?  Not only that it taste good it also keeps you full but the benefits of this fruit is more than that.

Did you know?

It’s an anti-oxidant. It prevents and fights cancer because of the presence of carotenoids and polyphenols. It is good for your digestion because of the high fiber present in the fruit, not only that, it is also rich in Vitamin C boosting up your immune system; helps in tissue repair and fight free radicals.

It’s good for your eyes and skin. The fruit is packed with Vitamin A, which keeps your eyes healthy and making sure you have a clear vision, not only that it is also beneficial to your skin since the vitamin improves its quality, making it beautiful by removing dirt in stuck in your skin pores.

It turns up your sex drive. Another interesting fact about mango is that heightens your libido. The name itself is pretty sexy, Mango!

It combat’s anemia. The fruit is not only rich in iron it also absorbs the mineral and can do a lot when you are suffering from the disorder; it also helps in lowering the risk of anemia during pregnancy.

Packed with calories. For those who want to increase their weight or suffering from malnutrition, this fruit can help you because of its high in caloric content.

Choosing the Best Supplements for Your Child

Take just a moment to think about what excites your child. Chances are somewhere in the list of things you thought about was bright colors, animals, fun shapes and delicious fruity flavors. Nature’s Plus Animal Parade children’s vitamins has all of those things and more. Children love these vitamins because they are tasty, colorful and fun. You will love them for all of the health benefits they provide.

It’s no secret that every child is unique. While they may have certain similar characteristics such as not being overly fond of the foods that provide the nutrients their growing bodies need, there may also be some differences in their specific needs. Nature’s plus has multi-vitamins for those basic vitamins needs. They also have special needs supplements to support dental health, provide extra calcium and to aid in the relief of stomach troubles.

You’ll find an assortment of fun shaped, colorful support formulas for times when your child needs additional Vitamin C, zinc lozenges and other types of immune support. There’s no debating that finding vitamins and supplements that a child is willing and eager to take makes life more pleasant for everyone.

If you’re having trouble getting your child to consume the proper amount of fruits and vegetables they need, be sure to check out the Kidzgreen products and fruit flavored shakes at Nature’s Plus. You may actually be envious of this delightful way to acquire the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.