3 Ways For Better Communication In The Family

When you turn on the TV, read the newspaper, or check the internet, you will see different shows, commercials, or write-ups about a child or a family member who committed suicide. The reason is one of the following: bullying or depression. This typically happens in a household where there is not enough communication. Because the family member feels alone and does not have anyone to talk to about his problems, he resorts to suicide or even rebellion. To prevent this from occurring, here are 3 ways to improve the communication in your family.

1. Stop and Listen

Most parents are guilty of constantly nagging or shouting at their child without even knowing why they did that particular behavior in the first place. Remember that your kid or even your spouse will never open up their problems if you do not take the time to listen to them. Stop whatever you are doing, sit down with your family, and simply listen. After a while, you will see a great change on how they communicate with you.

2. Learn To Apologize

A simple “I’m sorry” will do wonders for the relationship of the whole family. Sometimes it is not about being right or wrong, but knowing when to step down and admit that your spouse or children is more important to you than your own pride. By saying an apology, your family will know that you are sincere, and thus communicate with you honestly.

3. Empathize With Them

Times have changed and the situation that your children are facing now is quite different from the ones you experienced years ago. It is important to know what is going on in their lives and putting yourself in their shoe. This way you will have a clear picture of how they feel and you will be able to address the issue that they are in, allowing for better communication between everyone.

Good communication is one of the key components in a strong family. Learn to support your husband and children, and by doing so, you will prevent deeper problems that may lead to rebellion, or worse. If you feel that you are in dire need of help, do not hesitate to go for counseling or seek the assistance of professionals.

Pros and Cons Kids with Mobile Phones

Mobile phones made it easier for everyone to communicate. With this regard, a lot of parents feel the need to provide their children a mobile phone to be able to reach them easily, especially when there is an emergency. However, parents are still debating about the right time they should give their children a cellphone. To help parents decide, here are the pros and cons of giving your kids a mobile phone.


  • As stated earlier, mobile phones will allow parents to contact their children easily. They can also keep track of their kid’s activities.
  • With the right applications installed, mobile phones can be a powerful ally when studying and researching.
  • Educational games can be downloaded and this can help your child improve his spelling, memory, and even learn a bit of trivia.


  • Bullies may harass your child by texting, calling, emailing, or even sending awful and scary pictures.
  • When not monitored properly, your child can use his mobile phone to look at pornographic pictures in the internet.
  • Some children are tempted to text during class hours and this may disrupt the learning process because they are not paying attention.
  • Kids may talk to people they do not know online if they have internet access on their phones.


  • Set rules on your child’s phone usage.
  • Download a security application that has a parental control feature.
  • Talk to your teen about sexting, capturing naked pictures, and looking at pornographic websites.
  • Tell your child not to respond from an anonymous text or call.
  • Let your kids know that they should not bully, nor use their cellphones to manipulate or offend other people.

Mobile phones have a lot of great functions, but it can also contribute to your child’s stress, fears, and problems. If you feel that your child is being bullied through his phone, do not hesitate to talk to him and address the issue immediately. Furthermore, you should educate your child about the right cellphone usage so he will be responsible enough with his actions. So when is the right time to give your child a phone? Only you can answer that.

Maintain The Romance Even With Kids

Having children is great. However, some married couples tend to forget that there is more to life than the kids. Because of this, they drift apart from each other, and one day file for a divorce. If you do not want to end as such, you have to work on your marriage today by doing the following.

Set Time For Your Husband Or Wife

It is hard to juggle your time when there are kids in the picture. However, if you want the relationship to last, you have to make time for it. If other couples can do it, then so can you. Planning is the secret when it comes to this, so schedule your time early on, so you will be able to prioritize your partner.

Don’t Be A Slave To The Routine

In order to manage everything in the house, married couples tend to fall under a routine. This is all good when it comes to the chores and kids, but not with romance. Do not kiss your wife before going out for work just because of the routine, do it because you want to. Be spontaneous!

Do Not Lose Yourself

Having children is not the end of your romance. Do not bury your old silly self and your romance as well because of the kids. If you do that, not only will you lose your other half, you will also become frustrated in life and end up blaming the kids about it.

Devoting time for the children is always a must. However, save time for yourself and the hubby so that your love may continue to flourish. Do not be one of those couples who just let time pass them by. Be who you want to be when it comes to love.

He Loves You, He Loves You Not

Whether you like it or not, some people have the habit of playing mind games. They draw you in completely today, only to ignore you tomorrow. As the person on the other end of this game, you may feel intrigued at first, but several weeks into this, and you’ll be irritated, or even confused.

Does he love you or not, and why does he even do this? There are several answers. He may be playing mind games because he wants to get your attention. If you are reading this, then it probably worked to his advantage. Another reason is because he is not really that serious with you. If he is, then he will drop this immediately.

There is also a high probability that your guy does not even know that he is making you crazy with his mind games. In short, he is doing it unintentionally. To deal with this you have three options. You can confront him about it and say that it is making you uncomfortable. You can dump him for playing games, or you can play his own game and follow his lead.

Balance Your Work and Family Properly

Your work is important as it gives you the money to feed your family, pay the bills, and buy the essential things. Meanwhile, you family is equally valuable because they are the reason why you work so hard every day, not to mention they bring happiness to your life. Seeing that both work and family is a big part of your life, you have to learn how to balance them properly. To help you with that, you can simply look below and read the following tips.

What Comes First

  • Family- As stated earlier, work is essential, but family comes first in these instances: your children are sick, your husband is hospitalized; your children are having a recital or major activity in school like parent’s day, medal or trophy awarding, or even graduation.
  • Work- Prioritize your work if you have a deadline, getting a major project, meeting with the boss, and the like over playing in the park, going on a date, or shopping in the mall because the following can be done on other days instead.

Manage Your Schedule

  • A pen and paper, calendar, or your Smartphone can help set your priorities straight. By jotting down everything that you are going to do, whether it is for that meeting with executives, or fieldtrip with your kids, you will be able manage your time efficiently. This way you will be able to block a specific date and focus your mind and energy on that alone.