Urinalysis is the laboratory analysis of human urine. It is a procedure used to diagnose diseases involving the kidneys. Urine, on the other hand, is that liquid waste product that goes to our kidneys and needs to be excreted out of our system. Urinalysis is such an easy process that is usually taken for granted since it is a routine examination requested by physicians. Patients requested with such test often refuse to cooperate since they find it uncomfortable to collect the specimen. But don’t you know that this procedure despite its simplicity is considered a liquid biopsy? This procedure may detect abnormal body metabolism that may be yet undiagnosed and not clearly manifested physically by the patient. That is why, when you need to see the doctor for a medical checkup and requested for urinalysis, don’t hesitate to cooperate. This might be your chance to know how normal you are. Urinalysis— Routine, simple but totally helpful!