Bathtubs and Bidets – What Makes a Healthy Bathroom?

It’s the cultural “boxers or briefs” questions — do you use paper or a bidet? Squat or sit? Around the world, different cultures have different solutions for personal hygiene issues — from bidets to squat toilets to walk-in bathtubs.

The Sink

Most cultures incorporate sinks in their bathroom designs. Even in societies with no running water, basins and pitchers provide a way for people to groom themselves as well as wash hands and faces. Washing your hands with soap after using the toilet reduces the chance of fecal matter spreading. However, to be the most effective for hand washing, your sink’s tap should be easy to turn on and off — even with soapy hands. Also, the tap should be cleaned regularly to make sure unhealthy bacteria doesn’t thrive on it and transfer to clean hands.

The Bidet

Most famous for being used in France, the bidet is found throughout Europe and is gaining popularity in America. In Japan, travelers may find sit-down toilets with attachments that have a bidet function. While different bidet designs function differently, the idea is to direct a cleansing stream of water at your body. Some environmentalists looking to lessen environmental impact have suggested bidets as an alternative to toilet paper. They’re said to be healthy for your body as they provide an abrasion-free cleansing alternative when suffering from vaginitis, hemorrhoids or other ailments. The regular use of bidets supposedly reduces the occurrence of urinary tract and other infections as well.

The Sit-Down Toilet

The toilet most Americans and Western Europeans own, the sit-down flush toilet has been used widespread only for a few hundred years. The biggest benefit of a sit-down toilet is comfort. Elderly or disabled people have an easier time using this toilet, too. Sit-toilets have been criticized from some doctors for the posture users adapt while sitting. This posture doesn’t allow the body to evacuate waste without straining, these doctors say.

The Squat Toilet

Popular in Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe, some doctors say the squat toilet is healthier for human bodies than the sit-down toilet, because the angle of your internal organs makes it easier to release waste in a squat position. The squat is also arguably easier to clean — with less moving parts and areas for bacteria to build up. A squat toilet can be cleaned quickly and more efficiently without having to touch many surfaces. However, squat toilets also have more potential to release bacteria onto the floor, where it can be tracked to other parts of the house.

The Shower

Taking a bath or a shower seems to be most Americans’ standard of daily personal hygiene. But what is healthier? Showers get rid of the excess dirt and oils that build up throughout the day, and make it easier to eliminate dead skin cells. They also can save water (depending on your style of showering) so they’re healthier for the planet. But some shower critics say, some people don’t wash themselves thoroughly enough in the shower, even when they think they are doing so.

The Bathtub

Your bathtub can be a great health benefit to you, but it can be a hazard when not properly cleaned. Soaking in hot water, and with various salts and essential oils helps skin infections, joint aches, pains and stress. Elderly people especially can benefit from a soaking in a (well-cleaned) bathtub. Walk-in bathtubs make it possible for even mobility-limited people to enjoy a hot soak.

Cold baths, at certain times of year, can also help you stay clean and regulate body temperature. But, the use of improperly cleaned bathtubs over a period of time can cause fungal infections. Mildew build-up in the tub or in the grout around an inadequately sealed tub can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in some people, too.

How to Get Money for Home Repairs

Home repairs can be a very expensive endeavor for many, particularly if the repairs are quite in depth. Paying for home repairs can be very difficult, but luckily there are multiple ways in which you can get funds together for home repairs. Some of the options that you may want to look into include loans (either short term or long term loans depending upon your situation), taking out money based on the equity that your home has acquired, or selling assets in order to make improvements to your home. Although none of the aforementioned options are completely ideal, they certainly do provide you with the funds that you will need to start the repairs.


Loans are probably the most common way in which many people are able to obtain money that they can use for home repairs. Try to find loans that have very low interest rates, in order to avoiding spending too much in the long term. You can look into both long term traditional loans from a lending institution or short term loans in the form of cash advances or payday loans if the repairs that you have to do are relatively minor. You will find that loans will allow you to get ahold of the funds, improve upon the value of your home, and then pay them back over time. Loans are an excellent way to get ahold of funds for home repairs, so long as the terms of the loan are ideal.


Another way in which many people are able to secure funds in order to repair or improve their home is through equity. As your house gains value over time, you have additional money that can be withdrawn from your mortgage, which can then be used for repairs. This option should be avoided unless the repairs are absolutely necessary, or you believe that they will result in a huge increase in the overall value of your home. Taking out equity on your home can be risky business if there is not a return or reward for doing so, so it is important that you evaluate how the repairs and improvements will affect the value of your home following the repairs to ensure that taking out equity is actually in your best interests.

Sell Assets

As a last resort option, you could also consider selling some of your assets to pay for the home repairs as well. If you have items that are of value, selling them to conduct home repairs or home improvements will allow you to increase the value of your home, and could end up paying for them in the long term. Of course, no one wants to have to sell their assets in order to make repairs on their home, but for some it may be the only option.

Look at all of the options that you have available to you, and try to find a funding option that will provide you a reasonable level of funding based on your project, allow you to improve the quality and value of your home, and do so in a way that will not end up costing you too much in the future.

Always Hire the Professionals

Whether you like it or not, everything age. There is a certain expiration date to everything you see, even with your door lock. The moment your lock becomes damaged or weak, it should be replaced immediately. Not doing so will result in theft, or even murder. A burglar can simply go inside your home at night, steal your belongings, harass your daughter, or kill your wife. If you are not happy with the direction of the story, then it is time to hire the professionals and change your lock. You don’t have to exert too much effort because you can easily contact different locksmith calgary any time of the day. They offer services ranging from changing, repairing, to installing a lock for your house or vehicle.

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The Eclectic and Breathtaking Sakura in Japan

Japan is a very historic nation. Who can ever forget its participation in World War 2 and how the Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bombing doomed it in 1945? These series of attacks signaled the end of the World War. But what is more gleaming than the massive destruction is how Japan rebuilt its country to becoming an economic and technological superpower that it is right now. Another beautiful thing about the Land of the Rising Sun is the set of their festivals. A personal favorite is the Sakura or Cherry Blossom Festival.

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