Love Your Body

Some women look in the mirror and see a gorgeous and talented person, while some are afraid to peek because they only see a fat person looking back. Most women are conscious about their body, but you know things are bad when you intentionally refuse to eat because you think you are too overweight even if you are not, this can be classified as anorexia. People who have these are obsessed with their body image and will do everything not to get fat.

The problem is people who suffer from this condition do not get satisfied even if they are already healthy, because of this they get very thin and do not supply their body with the nutrition needed to maintain their health. If you suspect someone you know has anorexia, try to accompany her to a physician so she can be treated. Learn to love your body, and someday someone will also love you for it.

A Healthy Shade of Red

That day of the month again, your period is coming and you feel agitated. Most women do not have problems with their period, while others spend one or two days a month lying in bed, clutching their lower abdomen, and suffering from menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea. You feel pain because of the contraction of your uterus and this can hinder you from going to work or even doing simple activities like going to the mall or shopping.

To avoid the discomforts of dysmenorrhea you have to incorporate exercise in your life, also eat healthy and take care of your body. If you already feel the pain you can use a warm compress for relief or take medicine prescribed by your doctor. You do not have to hate your period, live healthy and be pain free.