Techniques for Calming a Child with Autism

If you are a parent dealing with a child with autism, it can be a frustrating experience. Your child might get really anxious over a small issue. A minor disruption in the child’s schedule might lead to your child having a meltdown and screaming for half an hour or more. Luckily, there are several calming techniques, which often help children who have autism to calm down or to stay calm.

Weighted Blanket

Many children with autism deal with sensory issues as well as anxiety. Weighted blankets provide a pressure simulation, which then calms the child and allows the child to relax, feel more secure, and focus better. They can be used to help the child sleep and as a calming technique when the child is awake. Weighted neck wraps and lap pads can also provide the needed calming results. Lap pads can be especially helpful, as they provide the child with a calming lap workspace.


Certain smells, including lavender, peppermint, and lemon can help children with autism to calm down and concentrate. This can be done through putting a little of the oil on the child’s forehead or another part of the child’s skin. It can also be done through candles or simply by allowing the child to smell the scent.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Many children with autism do not deal well with loud noises. Those who face extreme sensitivity to loud sounds can benefit from the use of noise-cancelling headphones. Depending upon the child’s sensitivity to sound, you may want to have the child wear the headphones all the time or in specific situations, or you may want to store the headphones in a convenient location, just in case they are needed.

While these are not all the soothing techniques for children with autism, these are methods that have worked for some children. Of course, no one calming solution is perfect for every child. The key is finding the right solution for your child and then helping your child to use the correct technique or techniques on their own. If one method does not work, try a different one. Continue trying until you find the right method for your situation.

Natural Ways to Prevent Common Cold

Kids are often the target of illnesses like flu, cough and cold. Common causes of such illnesses include weather changes, allergies and germs. It is very difficult for a child to live actively when common cold attacks him or her. Therefore, as a parent, it is just right to prevent this illness from attacking and keep the children healthy and happy.

The first thing that you should do is to ensure that the kids have enough rest and sleep. This will boost up their immune system, which fights different diseases that might harm them. Next, make it a point that they wash their hands regularly and properly. Contact with different things can help in spreading germs and you don’t want that. It is also helpful if you tidy up your house and disinfect floors, countertops and other things you have at home.

It is true that “prevention is better than cure”, so before the cold strikes again, fight it off and prevent it from harming your family, especially the kids. Always have citrus fruits and medicines on hand in case these germs have already attacked.

Add More Nutrition to Kids Meal

Making child eat more is one of the worst problems of every moms’ in the world. Children from ages 2-7 years old are really sensitive on their food. Their taste buds would choose sweeter food and sometimes sweet foods are not always good for their health. This age group is also the most important phase in our lives because this would determine us what kind of person and what health condition should we have in the future.

Different companies would formulate food products or other beverages to help children eat more healthy foods. But sometimes these are not enough to make children’s bodies properly nourished. One of the best things to do is to make children learn how to eat fruits and vegetables. Moms should prepare delicious yet nutritious food such as sandwiches and cookies to make the children healthier. Fruit juices would also attract children especially if these juices are on their favorite cartoon character tumblers or bottles. Preparing soup with pork or chicken and vegetables would also add more nutrition on the children’s bodies.

These are just simple reminders that we should ponder to make our children stronger and healthier. Nowadays, it is better for us to be alert and prepared so we can prevent diseases in the future. Eating the right kind of foods as early as 2-7 years old would make us save money from having serious diseases when our child grows old.

First Cold Is the Hardest to Survive

Children’s colds are indispensable part of every parent’s life. There are no exceptions. First time is the hardest. It usually kicks newborn after a month or two and makes his life difficult. Baby doesn’t know how to overcome the nose issues and has troubles breathing. This causes further sleep disturbances for babies and their parents.

The worst part is that cold lasts for about 10 days. Long 10 days for both sides. Viruses cause colds so there aren’t any medications, just drinking a lot of fluids and cleaning the nose to release baby’s respiratory channels.

And right after parents think it’s over the cough begins. It’s the final stage of the cold but makes parents miserable after hearing their baby struggle with it. Cough sounds bad and creates impression that baby is getting even worse so many visits the doctor in this phase. They say it will pass in a few days and usually it does. It just sounds bad but babies are tough fighters and cold cannot harm them that easy.

If they Were Bullied

being bullied

It is alarming to discover that many children are bullied by their peers. If an adult feels bad when someone takes advantage of them, imagine how a child feels when he is forced to do or give-up something. Most kids who are bullied suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and some develop substance abuse problems, or it may lead them to suicide. A study was conducted to better understand bullying; it shows that children are bullied because they fail to do the norm or what is socially accepted by other kids their age.

The real problem here is not with the kid being bullied but with the bully himself. He may be insecure and have family problems, and the only way he can take control of his life is through punishing other people. If you suspect your child is being bullied you need to talk to him and assure him that you will help and stay by his side. Talk to the members of the school faculty and the bully himself to put a stop to this. Doing so will help your child and the bully as well.