Health 101: Your Game Plan For Wellness In 2017

Being organized is the key to success optimization in any area of life. This includes your health. As such, having a game plan regarding how you’re going to develop and maintain holistic well-being is a good idea if you’re serious about getting healthy. With this idea in mind, consider the value of implementing some or all of the following wellness techniques so you can get healthy in 2017:

1. Wake Up And Start Meditating.

One strategy that you should integrate into your game plan for wellness is meditating as soon as you wake up. This technique is helpful because it empowers you to start the day off in a tranquil, centered mood rather than operating with the frenetic, “scatter-brained” mentality that many people find themselves subjected to in this contemporary era. There are many strategies you can deploy to increase the likelihood that your meditation practice will be successful. One of them is being consistent in terms of the time, duration, and place that you practice. Another is scheduling your meditation just as you would a daily appointment such as a trip to the dentist.

2. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga.

In addition to adding meditation to your morning rituals, make sure that you start doing yoga regularly. You can obtain a ton of wonderful health benefits by utilizing this exercise modality, and one of them is more energy. Yoga also promotes greater flexibility and balance, thereby enabling you to move with greater ease and precision as you complete activities of daily living such as reaching for objects. When you think about what type of yoga you want to practice, consider the value of trying the Baptiste methodology. This methodology involves 11 unique sequences, and some of them include Integration, Vitality, Grounding, Stability, Release, and Deep Rest. The Deep Rest sequence includes the following asanas:

  • Supine Twist
  • Butterfly
  • Savasana

3. Don’t Try To Do It All Yourself.

One final strategy that can really take your level of health from average to awesome is getting help from professional sources. While resources such as the internet make it relatively easy for you to learn how to implement various strategies, it’s still a good idea to attain a second opinion, encouragement, and/or assistance from individuals who have extensive education and experience in the wellness sector. In the event that you’re seeking assistance with promoting your child’s mental health, note that you can attain help from a North Tampa Behavioral Health facility such as Engage Behavioral Health.

Develop Your Game Plan Now!

If you’re ready to make health happen in 2017, don’t allow fear or a proclivity for procrastination to preclude you from looking great and feeling awesome. Instead, start using the techniques discussed in this outline to ensure that you can achieve your goal of optimizing your level of wellness!

4 Ways to Remain Respectful During an Office Debate

While getting along with everyone is a nice concept, the world very rarely works that way. Therefore, you will likely encounter debates, arguments, and mega disagreements from your office coworkers and staff. This just means that everyone is human with their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions—which can clash. The trick is in how you deal with these office debates in a respectful manner.

Withdraw Yourself When Discussion Takes a Negative Turn

Take this scenario into account. You are on your lunch, in the breakroom, when a group of employees get into a heated debate about the latest political stances. Just before you throw in your two cents, the debate becomes a hate-fueled, negative argument, complete with personal insults. What do you do? Withdraw yourself from the conversation and the room. Then, if you deem it necessary, let a manager know what is going on.

Understand That Opinions Are Just That

Everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs. However, there is a big difference between voicing your opinions and shouting at someone to try to change theirs. Sure, some opinions can be irritating and irrational, but you need to realize and understand that opinions are as simple as that.

Aim to Inform

During a lighthearted, good-spirited office debate, you should aim to inform and back up your opinions and thoughts. If you are discussing politics, bring your knowledge into play. The same goes for any topic, no matter how silly. Your opinion will be met well and with more respect if you have the research to back up your feelings on a subject.

Never, Ever Belittle or Insult Others of Different Belief

As stated above, everyone has the right to their opinion—regardless of whether you share that opinion. You should never, ever belittle or insult someone based on their beliefs, as you would hate for someone to react in a hateful way towards your own beliefs. Instead, if someone’s opinion irks you, change the subject. Or, bow out gracefully with a courteous nod and smile.

Office debates are more common than you can imagine because there are so many different people employed by companies. Not everyone is going to share your opinions and beliefs, so remain good-hearted and mild-mannered when engaging in a conversation about important, opinion-fueled topics. If you feel that you get too overheated in debates of any kind, then simply avoid talking about trigger topics, like religion and politics. Refrain from those subjects, unwind with soothing puzzles and brain teasers, and direct your focus elsewhere.

Top Reasons Why You Can’t Concentrate

As you are reading this, you are probably shifting your attention to other things around you instead of focusing. If you feel guilty right now, lack of concentration is one of the problems you need to fix. As it is important for work and the everyday living, you must know the top reasons why you cannot concentrate to eliminate the issue.


Stress due to work or problems, whether because of family or personal reasons will make you unable to focus. Instead of doing the task at hand, your mind will shift to your dilemma. This is usually coupled by anxiety and may manifest itself through physical issues like deterioration of health. Solve the underlying cause if you want to move on from this. Only then will you be able to concentrate.

Lack Of Sleep

The body and mind needs some rest. Six to eight hours to be exact. If you go on without sleep for days, you will lose your focus, get easily irritated, and be prone to sickness. For busy people, power naps can help. Get this when traveling to and from work, at lunchtime, or when you have free period.

Social Media Addiction/Obsession/Fascination

People are dependent on social media these days, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among many others. They feel the need to be on constantly, thinking about the likes and follows instead of what they should be doing for the day. If it impedes with your everyday living and saps your concentration, maybe it is time to lay off for a while.

No Interest

While studying or doing your work, do you often find yourself wishing that you are somewhere else? If you place little to no attention to those things, you are probably not interested with the topic. A good solution is to take a break from time to time, and rewarding yourself when a task is complete. You can also find ways to make the subject more appealing.

Lack of concentration is brought by health problems, social factors, and human nature. If you think it stems from health reasons and is alternating your way of living for the worst, it is time to seek the doctor’s help.

Go Higher In Your Health Life With These Tips And Pointers

No matter what level of health you’re on, there’s always a deeper dimension of wellness to be attained. The pursuit of greater wellness is worth it because some of the outcomes include enhanced self-confidence, boosted immunity, and more energy. Below you’ll find just three of numerous strategies you can implement to go higher in your health life:

1. Gain More Knowledge About Hormones.

One of the best ways to go higher in your health life is by increasing your knowledge of wellness topics. One topic that you should definitely learn about is hormones. For example, cortisol is the hormone that promotes triglyceride breakdown during periods of prolonged exercise. Also, insulin is the hormone that helps remove glucose from our blood. When our hormones are imbalanced, we run the risk of experiencing multiple unwanted health complications. This is why learning as much about them and how to keep them in alignment is immensely important. In the event that you experience a challenge with your hormones, make sure that you consider the value of attaining hormone replacement therapy. The hrt for men and women provided by Global Life Rejuvenation can help you attain the therapy assistance necessary for optimal physiological function.

2. Become More Conscious Of The Food You Eat.

Another pointer that can help you attain a deeper level of wellness is becoming more conscious of the food you eat. Learning more about the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are in your food is a wonderful way to begin optimizing your diet so your body has all that it needs to thrive. You can use free online tools such as to start learning more about what’s in the food you eat. If you type a keyword like “mushroom” into the search field on this website, you’ll learn that it contains key nutrients like copper, selenium, vitamin B, phosphorus, and pantothenic acid.

3. Get Into Yoga.

The majority of Americans aren’t physically active, and this reality has a negative impact on health. However, people who are getting serious about wellness should know that by getting active now, they can provide themselves with multiple wonderful health outcomes. Some of them include enhanced posture, clearer thinking, and weight maintenance or weight loss. One great form of physical activity to engage in to generate these outcomes is yoga. This restorative form of exercise emphasizes stretching and involves yoking the mind and body in a manner that facilitates holistic health.

Go Now!

Procrastination engenders stagnation, but changing your behaviors in a strategic manner can facilitate ongoing growth and unlimited transformations. With these ideas in mind, start using the wellness techniques outlined above so you can become healthier than ever!

Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Dental care mainly involves keeping your teeth healthy. This could be done by practicing oral hygiene or through dentistry. Oral hygiene means maintaining clean teeth and mouth, mainly through brushing and flossing, to avoid any dental problems. Dentistry means having a professional keep your teeth health, which may involve dental surgery.

Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene

Aside from having clean teeth being a benefit from good dental care, it is important to recognize its importance in keeping away from certain consequences. These include:

  • Tooth Decay. Tooth decay or dental caries is one of the most common effects of having poor oral hygiene. This may also result from low fluoride exposure and regular consumption of cariogenic (tooth decay-causing) foods.
  • Erosion. The teeth may suffer from wear when proper dental care is not practiced. While this naturally occurs with age, being exposed to acids may also cause tooth wear. Abrasion and attrition are both different types of tooth wear. Abrasion results from improper brushing and other external mechanical causes, while attrition is the teeth eroding due to teeth grinding or other forms of toot-against-tooth contact.
  • Periodontal Disease. Periodontal or gum disease results from infections left untreated and could possible lead to tooth loss. Such condition is caused by plaque formation. Periodontal disease may affect more than one tooth and may involve the bones and gum supporting the affect tooth.
  • Bad Breath. Without regularly brushing and flossing, one could experience bad breath or halitosis. If the teeth are not cleaned daily, food particles may be stuck in between them and around the mouth. The particles may then lead to the development of bacteria, which then results in bad breath.