How to Wear the Right Pants

With all the pants available in the market, selecting one to complement the figure may be too difficult for some people. When you buy the wrong pants, you end up looking too small or big. That is why care should be taken when shopping for it. If you want to purchase pants, but are too scared to do it without a friend by your side, do not worry because after you read this short guide, you’ll be ready to go.

Long Legged

  • If you are blessed with long legs fit for a supermodel, then you can go for straight leg pants. The beauty of these pants is that it is not too wide or narrow, creating the perfect balance. Aside from that, it focuses on the length of your legs making you look slimmer, longer, and more attractive because it emphasizes your assets.

Le Petite Person

  • Usually, shorter people have a harder time choosing the right pants, especially if they live in a country or place where being tall is the norm. But do not worry because you can still rely on skinny pants or jeans. Wearing one will create the impression of additional height. Do not wear cropped pants because it will make you look shorter.

Heavy Side

  • Overweight men and women can still wear pants. Make sure that it fits you perfectly because any addition or subtraction to the size will immediately make you look bigger. Opt for darker tones because it has a slimming effect. Do not wear anything skinny because it will highlight your problem areas.

The Long And Short Of It

  • The length of the pants is as important as the size, especially if it is not jeans that you can just fold when you feel like it. How can you tell if your pants are the right length? If you are close to stepping on its ends, then it is definitely too long. In the meantime, when you walk or just stand straight and your ankles show, it is too short.

Pants can be incorporated in any occasion making it a vital part of your wardrobe. The right proportion is important so you have to make sure that it looks good on you before purchasing it. Do not buy pants before trying it out lest you want to waste money. Finally, you should be comfortable in what you are wearing so look for the right fabric as well.

Celebrity Award Season Style 2013

Many celebrities have graced the red carpet this year wearing stunning dresses and beautiful ensembles. If you ever needed inspiration for what to wear to that upcoming special occasion – then look no further.

Our guide below tells you all you need to know so you can choose from all the many gorgeous designs such as pretty prom dresses and the perfect one shoulder dresses for your next event which have been worn this season.

Strapless gowns

These types of dresses are timeless and can flatter all shapes and sizes provided you find the correct fit and support. Strapless gowns have made a massive come-back during this year’s award season.

Celebrities including Olivia Munn was on trend at this year’s Oscars with her corset gown with gold-embellishment from Marchesa. Hollywood star Jessica Chastain also went for a strapless dress at the same awards ceremony. She oozed old-school glamour in a beaded number by Armani Privé.

Little Black Dress

The LBD is a safe bet and classic staple item which is an investment for your wardrobe. Stars can regularly be seen donning this piece of clothing, and what’s great is that you can pick up many different styles in a range of luxurious fabrics.

Singer and songwriter Adele was just one of many to wear a LBD this year. She sparkled on the red carpet at the Oscars with her glamorous Jenny Packham gown. The floor-length beaded design was a far cry from her earlier fashion faux pas at The Grammy Awards where she wore a vintage-style number with a red floral pattern, which was later slated as looking like a curtain.

Television presenter Giuliana Rancic also opted for a little black dress for her Oscars appearance. Country music starlet Taylor Swift joined the trend too, as she arrived at the Brit Awards in London wearing a beautiful floor-length number with added sheer panels. This gown was from Elie Saab’s designer collection.


This is a style which always looks effortless and chic, and who could pull it off better than a beauty such as Rosie-Huntington-Whitely? The model turned actress wore a one-shouldered blush-coloured Valentino tiered gown at the Vanity Fair party following the Oscars.

Heidi Klum sported the same look by wearing a white Alexandre Vauthier dress at the Golden Globes. Naomi Watts also opted for the one-shouldered look in a sequined long-sleeved Emilio Pucci number at The Oscars.


This look has been around for a few seasons now but many celebrities continue to rock this popular trend.

Ozzy Osbourne’s presenter daughter Kelly chose to follow this look by donning a bandage-style gown with embellishment, designed by Tony Ward Couture, at the Oscars.

Thigh-high split

Everyone likes a gorgeous gown with a sexy edge. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is known as a fan of this style. At this year’s Grammy Awards she turned heads by dressing seductively in a black one-shouldered Anthony Vacarello number with a sexy split at the front right up to her thigh.

Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria also followed suit by daring to bare in a stunning Emilio Pucci design, with black lace detailing at the 2013 Golden Globes.

Look like a Bollywood Star through the Saree

Females in Bollywood have something in common aside from their beautiful faces and superb acting. They all have impeccable fashion sense, from the jewelry that they are wearing, to the saree that you can see in their movies, or when they are up and about in Bollywood. If you want to look and feel like them, then all you have to do is follow this advice. Buy Bollywood Sarees Online that replicate your favorite Bollywood actress style.

Not only will you feel confident and sexy when donning it, people will also look at you wherever you go. You can also Buy Sarees Online that are not included in the Bollywood line, but will still allow you to look glamorous and fashionable. You can wear them every day, or whenever there is an important occasion that you are going to attend.

The last step is to Buy Jewellery Online that will go wonderfully with your saree. As most women know, an outfit is never complete without a pretty accessory with it, and the jewelry you will get can do that. Besides, Bollywood female stars are always seen wearing interesting jewelry. Those are the simply steps you need to take to look like you belong in Bollywood. Once you have done them all, feel free to receive the admiration of your friends and family.

Getting the Best Deal on Your Coupons

Everyone likes a good deal. Coupons are a good and very cheap way of shaving off several dollars from retail prices. However, using them to their fullest potential requires a bit more thought on where you get them from and how you use them. This became especially true with the advent of online shopping and Internet coupons. Apart from legitimate websites offering real functioning coupons, there are just as many, if not more, fraudulent webmasters attempting to exploit the consumer’s thirst for a good deal.

father's day gift ideas best deal

Don’t Pay for What You Can Get for Free

The rule of thumb when it comes to Internet coupons is that they are free. If you are told that in order to qualify for a coupon you need to register for a membership and pay a fee up front, it’s best to simply leave the website. You can usually find the coupon for what you want for free elsewhere. If it sounded really good, ask yourself this: is it worth paying $19.95 for a membership just to get a coupon that allows you to cut $2 off the base price? Not to mention that selling coupons goes against the retailer’s policies in practically every case.

Mind Your Privacy

If you are looking for a coupon, use a reputable coupon clipping website to get them. You can easily gauge how reliable the site is by looking at the amount of hoops you have to jump through just to register. Good websites will want nothing more than your e-mail address. If you are expected to provide personal information, such as your telephone number or address, chances are, you are about to fall victim to a scam. A 10% off coupon code from JCPenney isn’t worth the hassle with telemarketers or expensive SMS schemes.

Examine the Coupons Closely

Every coupon you get on the Internet should look like the one you get from a magazine or a newspaper. When in doubt, compare it with an existing copy. Even if it turns out to be perfectly legitimate, make sure to inspect it for one thing: expiration dates. Many coupons become just scraps of paper past a certain date. Paying attention to what you are about to use helps avoid a nasty surprise or an embarrassing situation.

Know Who to Talk To

Sometimes, getting a deal with your coupons is hard not because someone tries to scam you or due to your inattentiveness. Sometimes, it’s just a poorly trained clerk that refuses to accept a legitimate Internet coupon on a pretense. In such cases, make sure to file a complaint with the shop that employs the person in question and demand to talk with the manager. Usually, a bit of stubbornness is all that’s necessary. Even if the clerk accepts the coupon, pay close attention to the register and make sure the coupon is accounted for. Discounts are applied before the bill is finalized. Never afterward.

One thing to remember: If someone does attempt to cheat you, you shouldn’t leave it unreported. Fraudulent activities should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission. It can be done either on-line under or by telephone, using the number 1-877-382-4357.

Maybe That Little Black Dress Isn’t Right for You

The little black dress is considered a classic. It’s supposed to look good on everyone and evoke images of Audrey Hepburn and other classic Hollywood beauties. For some women though, that little black dress really isn’t the best choice. If that’s you, you can probably tell because it makes you look washed out, sickly, or just out of place.

Fortunately, you aren’t cursed with never finding good fashion again. The basic premise of the little black dress is that it is a simple but elegant dress that is neutral in tone. You can try one of the other base colors to find one that will really make you look just as striking as Audrey Hepburn. Here are some of the basic neutrals that you might want to consider.

Dark Brown

A deep chocolate brown may be one of the more unusual choices when it comes to fashion neutrals, but it can be quite stunning. If you aren’t sure whether this is a color you can pull off, then you can try it on and get your friend’s opinions or you can take a risk and just rent a designer dress in chocolate brown to see how the night goes. Either way, if you can pull it off, you will stand out in a classy way while still evoking similar images to that of the little black dress.

This particular color tends to look better on individuals with warmer skin tones. If black makes you look yellow or red, then the brown is probably a better choice. If black makes you look whiter, then the chocolate brown won’t work. Remember though that for this to work in the classic sense, you need a dark chocolate brown. Chestnut brown and light brown won’t work. Mahogany brown might work in a pinch.

Deep Gray

A deep gray dress is another alternative for women who can’t quite pull of the stark black. This is a color that tends to look good on most women, although it is a definite must for women who are too washed out when they wear black. Try to find one with a cool rather than warm base. It looks particularly striking when paired with pink or red accessories. You will definitely stand out in this one, so be prepared for some turned heads. Just remember to keep the palette simple. The gray dress is not quite as forgiving with multiple colors and hues as black.


Indigo is another stunning choice when you’re wanting to stand out but still look classy and professional. The beauty with indigo is that it seems to change color ever so slightly if you purchase a gown in a high quality. It tends to work well on most skin colors, though it works particularly well with women who have more sallow tones. Just make sure that you don’t pair it with other dark accessories unless they match precisely. Otherwise, you’ll make it look tacky.