Spoiled Rotten Celebrity Kiddos

Some children are living in poverty with nothing to eat and few clothes to wear, while there are those who are literally millionaires even before they come out of their mother’s womb. These lucky children are the celebrity kids, the ones who are born with silver spoons. From designer clothes to expensive toys, see how lucky they are and how spoiled they can be.

Luxury Clothing

  • Few people get to view a fashion show, what more the Paris Fashion Week. Well, being the daughter of Jennifer Lopez sure has its perks. Her daughter Emme not only caught a glimpse of the modeled clothes, she also got a front row seat at the fashion show itself.
  • For kids like Suri Cruise, knowing what to eat, much less wear is not a problem at all. In fact her clothes costs more than $2000, and that is just her coat.
  • Celebrity kids, even baby’s are pampered with designer clothes, shoes, and bags that will make your eye pop out when you see the price tag.

Toys For The Big And Small

  • Justin Combs is not worrying about his allowance or what car he is going to get. His rich daddy P. Diddy gave him a luxury car amounting to $360,000 when he turned 16. People are wondering what his dad is planning for his 21st birthday, maybe a whole racetrack to make his son happy.
  • Halle Berry’s daughter is one lucky gal because her mother was seen with a shopping cart overflowing with toys.

Special Treatment

  • Even President Obama treats his children by letting them attend private concerts from Bieber and Glee.
  • Beyonce’s daughter looks like she is having the time of her life even if she’s still a baby. Her bathtub is reportedly adorned with Swarovski and her crib is more than $3000.
  • Celebrity babies and kids have their own estates, yachts, and large bank accounts, and they haven’t even worked yet.

Celebrities love to spend their money on their children. They buy the most expensive clothes, gadgets, and provide their kids the best things that money can buy. While there is nothing wrong with this scenario, sometimes you cannot help, but just feel jealous. So the next time you buy that concert ticket, remember that the money you spent will add up to their children’s toys. Hey at least you made them happy.

Maintaining Your Luxury Handbag

You are reading this because you finally bought that designer handbag you have been drooling for. After saving up and purchasing one, the realization that your handbag is very expensive dawned on you, and naturally you want to know how to preserve it to last a long time. Do not worry because by following the tips below, your luxury bag will be in tip-top shape.

Tip #1- Dust Bag

  • Dust bags or covers are included whenever you buy a designer bag. It was given to you for a reason, and that is to protect your beloved handbag when not in use. Dusts affect leather, and prolonged exposure to it will damage your bag. Before storing it in the dust cover, make sure to place a stuffing inside your bag to preserve its shape.

Tip #2- Keep Tabs On the Contents

  • Women have this habit of putting almost everything they own inside their bag. While this may save them in case of an emergency, their bag will not be happy with the situation. It will stress the bag and cause damage in the long run. Keep your things at a minimum and only bring the things you need to survive the day.

Tip #3- Water and Designer Handbags Do Not Mix

  • It is not your fault that you get caught up in the rain while sporting your luxury bag; however, do have the heart to dry or wipe it off. Aside from that, have your handbag treated once it a while to restore it to its mint condition.

Tip #4- Yes To Cool Areas, No To Heated Ones

  • Designer bags are best stored in a cool and relatively dry area. Sunlight, heat, and intense weather conditions will destroy your bag so protect it by keeping it properly stored.

Luxury handbags are hard to attain. In fact, only a small percentage of people have the capability to buy one. If you are the lucky few, do not take the opportunity for granted and learn to appreciate it. By doing the tips above, your bag will look good and will last you a long time.

How to Wear the Right Pants

With all the pants available in the market, selecting one to complement the figure may be too difficult for some people. When you buy the wrong pants, you end up looking too small or big. That is why care should be taken when shopping for it. If you want to purchase pants, but are too scared to do it without a friend by your side, do not worry because after you read this short guide, you’ll be ready to go.

Long Legged

  • If you are blessed with long legs fit for a supermodel, then you can go for straight leg pants. The beauty of these pants is that it is not too wide or narrow, creating the perfect balance. Aside from that, it focuses on the length of your legs making you look slimmer, longer, and more attractive because it emphasizes your assets.

Le Petite Person

  • Usually, shorter people have a harder time choosing the right pants, especially if they live in a country or place where being tall is the norm. But do not worry because you can still rely on skinny pants or jeans. Wearing one will create the impression of additional height. Do not wear cropped pants because it will make you look shorter.

Heavy Side

  • Overweight men and women can still wear pants. Make sure that it fits you perfectly because any addition or subtraction to the size will immediately make you look bigger. Opt for darker tones because it has a slimming effect. Do not wear anything skinny because it will highlight your problem areas.

The Long And Short Of It

  • The length of the pants is as important as the size, especially if it is not jeans that you can just fold when you feel like it. How can you tell if your pants are the right length? If you are close to stepping on its ends, then it is definitely too long. In the meantime, when you walk or just stand straight and your ankles show, it is too short.

Pants can be incorporated in any occasion making it a vital part of your wardrobe. The right proportion is important so you have to make sure that it looks good on you before purchasing it. Do not buy pants before trying it out lest you want to waste money. Finally, you should be comfortable in what you are wearing so look for the right fabric as well.

Shoes A Modern Man Should Own

In the past, cavemen ran barefoot. Their feet are strong, hard, and able to withstand the harsh environment. Fast forward to modern times; men are now stylish savants who don different types of footwear depending on their outfit. Though this is a fact of life, there are few who do not put much effort on their footwear because they think it is unimportant. But the reality is an outfit is not complete without the right shoes. To help you get back on track and be the stylish man that you are, here are the shoes you should own.

Trusty Sneaks

Every guy should have their own sneakers. It is comfortable, can take you places, and stylish as hell. This is typically worn with the shirt and jeans combo, though a lot of alpha male tend to veer of track and don it with a blazer to pull-off a laid back look.


Loafers made a comeback several years ago. Wearing it before meant that you are way past your thirties, but now even teens have them to complete their outfit. You can wear it with or without socks and it is great if you want to dress-up without overdoing it.

Sports/ Running Shoes

Every hot blooded male out there enjoys sports. Running, jumping, and tackling one another is in their genes. To do these activities without injuring yourself, you need to wear the right shoes. Get a shoe for the specific type of sports that you play to up your game.

Dress Shoes

Wing tip, black, or brown leather shoes are great when stealing the show. Wear it in the office, business meeting, or when attending a formal party to be taken seriously by your colleagues. Do not forget to shine it to leave a lasting impression.

Those are the top shoes that you must have for your style arsenal. There are a lot more out there to spruce out your outfit, like the work boots and desert boots, but the once mentioned above should be a staple in your wardrobe. Remember that the shoes make the man, and if you are not wearing the right one, what kind of guy are you?

Top Reasons To Buy A Luxury Bag

Most women cannot be separated with their handbags because it contains all of their essential things. Their wallet, mobile phone, beauty kit, and other necessities are encapsulated in that small leather or synthetic fabric every day. Because of that, it is important to get a durable handbag that will not only get you through the day, but will help you bring your things easily for a long time. However, the sturdiest bags come with a high price tag. If you are having a hard time deciding whether you should go for one, here are the top reason why other girls prefer it over cheaper bags.

Topnotch Quality

For some people, these types of bags are expensive because you are buying the name of the product. While this is true, you cannot deny the fact that the name you are purchasing is expensive because it is backed-up with top-of-the-line materials and quality. Designer handbags have a high cost because it uses genuine leather, are soft to touch, and will last a lifetime.

Precise Detail

Luxury bags are well-known for a reason. That is because even the smallest of details are perfect. It is true that sometimes you will see certain blemishes in the bag, such as irregularities in the stitch lines and the like, but that is because it is handcrafted. It is not generically manufactured like cheaper bags and that makes it more alluring.


Designer handbags are considered valuable investments because they can be bought and sold for a high price even if they are already pre-loved. This means that you can use them as long as you want to, and when you get tired of it, you can get your money back because someone out there is willing to buy it from you for almost the same price when you first bought it.

Luxury handbags are durable, functional, and an eye candy. Some people do not want to buy one for practicality reasons. However, at the end of the day, it is your decision to make and money to spend. If you have something more important to buy then bid your time before purchasing one, but if not, then go for it.