Tuning In to the Sounds

Music is one of the many passion that I share with my boyfriend. It can either be listening in or playing and even making good music together. We have tons of musical equipments and instruments ready at our disposal. One of which is the hughes and kettner combo set. It is actually one of my favorite among the many. I can spend hours in our music studio because of these.

I remember the first time we went out to buy this equipment. It was actually a happy day for both of us. He was looking for a good guitar and I was looking for this one to complete our musical set. Fortunately I found a good one and quite happy with its performance.

Making Way for the Future

Shopping for music software is a major problem. Going to the store and asking for their opinion is a dilemma because not everyone’s familiar with the products. Sometimes salesmen can’t be trusted because they would just say anything for a sale. It would be better to search online for what you need at least all the information is there.

When an arturia at Musician’s Friend is needed, search for it on the internet and voila, the information is there. The internet has proven to be the best source for any information. Finding quick answers to questions in any country is a breeze. It is remarkable how much technology has brought us so much growth in a short amount of time. We are doing things that no one even knew possible a couple hundred years ago. Maybe in the next 30 years new technological advances will take over and what we are doing now will be something old-fashioned.

Last Song Syndrome

Music is part of our everyday lives. It gives us pleasure. Some even say it makes their lives worth living. Melody and rhythm are two distinct elements of music. They make up songs and that we love singing songs, right? Well, I love music and it has been a part of my life. I learned to sing when I was still 4 years old and I wanted my little daughter to learn how to sing too but she showed less interest. I forgot about it not until one day when she went with me to the office. I was driving when I turned on the radio and tuned in to my favorite station. I was singing along as I drive and I wasn’t aware my daughter was actually snooping at me. I thought she was busy with her stuffs at the backseat. When we arrived at the office, I was still singing that last tune I heard, probably, this is what they call Last Song Syndrome or LSS. With my daughter next to me, I noticed her sing the same song as mine…She catch it! Now, I heard her singing! She was infected with the said syndrome. We both sang together aloud and ended with a laugh. Well, LSS is no life-threatening disease but it is definitely transmittable. No doubt it is contagious! LOL