Exercise Safely For Summer

Summer is all about fun in the sun, drinking your favorite smoothies, and showing off your beach body. The latter is a hard to come by, but not entirely impossible. To get a toned body this summer, you need to sweat it out. However, the heat of the sun and high temperature can cause serious heat exhaustion, dehydration, or heatstroke when exercising. That is why you have to be vigilant and follow these steps to prevent it while still getting that drool worthy body.

Get The Right Workout Gear

  • Spandex top, skin tight, and dry fit clothes are not recommended for this season. It will prevent you from breathing correctly, and it will not absorb your sweat properly.
  • It is highly advisable to wear breathable and loose clothing because it allows for cooling and ventilation. Opt for cotton wear to be more comfortable.
  • Light colored clothing is best for summertime or when the sun is high because dark ones can easily attract heat.
  • Bring a towel or wear a wristband to get rid of that sticky sweat.
  • Always bring a change of clothes.

Drink Water and Juices

  • Whether it is summertime or not, it is essential to re-hydrate, especially when exercising. Purchase good water bottles and bring it with you at all times. It will help you refuel, allowing you to do more exercises.
  • You should drink before, during, and after exercise to prevent dehydration.
  • It is preferable to take non-caffeinated drinks when exercising. Coffee is not bad for your exercise regimen; however, it is not good for you either. It will not affect you speed, agility and strength. Whereas water will speed up your metabolism which improves your digestion and make you lose weight.


Some tend to overexert when exercising. When dizziness, headache, nausea, and extreme thirst are experienced, immediately stop what you are doing. Find a cool area where you can rest, re-hydrate, and see how it turns out. If you are still feeling faint, then seek medical attention.

Exercise can make you healthy and strong whatever the season may be. However, if you do not take care of yourself and fail to re-hydrate, it may be the last exercise that you can do. Dehydration and heatstroke is very dangerous so this should not be taken lightly, especially when doing a rigorous workout.

10 Minute Workout Session

The recommended number of minutes that you should spend for exercise each week is 150. That is according to the Mayo Clinic and American Heart Association. When you look at those numbers, you are probably thinking how you can even squeeze it into your daily schedule knowing that you are a busy person with a lot of responsibility. Lack of time is the main alibi that people give when they do not want to exercise. However, there are workouts as short as 10 minutes that you can do every day to strengthen your body. Here are some of them.

Jumping Jacks

  • Start with your feet together and arms resting at your side.
  • Jump while bringing your legs and arms in an outward position. The feet should be about one meter apart, while the arms are in an angle of 45 degrees above the shoulders. The palm should face forward while doing this; some even clap their hands to liven up the exercise.
  • Go back to the original position by bringing your hand at your side and feet together.
  • Repeat as desired.

Half Burpees

  • Assume a push-up position.
  • While keeping your hands to the ground, hop or bring your toes close to your hands.
  • Go back to the starting position.
  • Repeat without a pause to get your heart rate up.


  • Stand with your feet apart and hands resting at your side.
  • Bend your knees, push your hips backwards, and make sure that your bottom is leveled to the height of your knees.
  • Your weight should be on your heels. Your back and head must be straight to make it more efficient.
  • Stand up straight, and then repeat.

Mountain Pose

  • Stand straight with your feet together and arms relaxed at the side.
  • Breathe deeply, and then raise your hands.
  • Move as if you are reaching the sky with your fingertips. Hold this position for 30 seconds, and then repeat.

You can perform all of these exercises for 10 minutes or less. The goal is to quicken your heart rate and sweat it out. They are quick, easy, and you do not have to spend a single dime buying any equipment. Now, you do not have any excuses to forgo exercise.

How Celebrities Maintain Their Body

It is no secret that celebrities have to die for bodies. The sculpted abs, finely shaped legs, and toned arms are admirable and enviable. Contrary to popular belief, Hollywood celebrities do not purge their food. They attain and maintain their shape through rigorous workout and discipline. Here the things they do to keep their fine body.

Eating Healthy Foods

Chips, cookies, and other treats will go straight to your love handles. Though celebrities still indulge in these types of foods, they know when to call it quits. Compared to ordinary people, Hollywood stars maintain a healthy and balanced diet. They enter a program or hire a chef to cook foods that will allow them to stay strong while keeping their body in shape. Salads and fruits are a mainstay in their diet and most of them really watch what they eat.

Gym Time

Celebrities work hard to maintain the ideal body that people will scream for. If you sit on your couch or gossip with your friends when you have extra time, celebrities use that opportunity to go to the gym and lift weights. Male celebrities bulk up by spending 2-3 hours a day lifting heavy weights, while most women enroll in yoga or hire a personal trainer to help them lose weight.

Enjoy Sports

Some Hollywood A-listers are into sports. They ride their bikes, swim, or indulge in any type of sports that you can think of. They live an active lifestyle not only to get a sculpted physique, but because they naturally enjoy it. Aside from that, sport is a form of de-stressing so it is a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

Cleansing And Pills

Though this is not recommended, some celebrities still endorse and use diet pills to lose their weight. The Food and Drug Administration are not able to regulate these types of drugs so it may be dangerous to use it.

Celebrities are admired because of their talent for acting, beautiful appearance, and great physique. To maintain their great body, they resort to the following means. Majority of their ways are helpful and healthy so it is recommended. If you want to follow suit and have the built and shape of your favorite star, discipline and motivation should go hand-in-hand to be successful.

Why Group Exercise Is Good For You

Exercise is a fun activity, especially when done with a group. When you think of group exercises, you automatically envision loud music, shouts of encouragement, and fast movements. However, that is not the only thing you will get from it. You will never feel bored, you are encouraged by your peers, and you will always learn something new. Read on to find out more.


Studies show that 50 percent of people who enrolled in different exercise programs will most probably drop out within a period of 6 months. This is true for people who do not have someone to keep them company while they are doing their workout. They are either bored or lack the motivation to continue what they have started. This translates to waste of money, effort, and time. This will not happen when you are in a group exercise. You will develop friends that will encourage you in the long run. Furthermore, because they are interested in what they are doing, you will feel enlightened too.


People who exercise by themselves tend to go in and out of the gym fast. They do not like to spend their time there so they are not able to have friends. For group exercise, you will meet a lot of people with the same passion. You will have someone to talk and share stories to, even outside the training area. Furthermore, you can learn new tips regarding the workout that you are all doing. Boredom is not a thing that you should worry about when in a group exercise program.

Shed More Calories

Being in a group exercise means that other people are watching you, so you should never slack off. They see how you perform and if you are able to attain your goal of losing weight. Because this is on your mind, you will strive to perform the pose or exercise perfectly. Surely you do not want to be embarrassed in front of your new friends. In the process, you will shed more calories and achieve your dream body.

Exercise is more enjoyable when you have a support group. Never take group exercises for granted because it is highly advantageous. Do not be afraid of being the new person because sooner or later you will meet and be friends will all of them. Let them inspire you to become happier, healthier, and stronger.

Bike For Your Health

Biking or cycling is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise. Some people do this, not for their health, but because it is fun. Whatever their reason is, they cannot discount the fact that it makes them stronger, free from sickness, and away from stress and depression. You will encounter different sights and sounds from biking. It is considered a journey where you will discover a lot of things about yourself and the people you meet on the way.

Health Benefits

  • Most perceive biking as a way to exercise the lower body only. However, it is also good for strengthening your back as well as the upper body.
  • Bikers who lean forward will develop their arms and shoulders because it supports the weight of their upper body.
  • The knee cartilage is maintained properly because of the circular motion performed when biking.
  • It is a good form of cardio exercise. Meaning, it can increase endurance, strengthen the respiratory system and heart, and lower blood pressure. This lessens your risk of having lung and heart related diseases which can lead to death.

Getting Ready For Biking

  • Trying the stationery bike is a good way to prepare for cycling because you are able to exercise the same muscles.
  • Weight lifting or training is also a good preparation for biking. It will develop your upper and lower muscles, allowing you to bike properly and efficiently. Sprint cyclist should lift heavy weights with low repetition. On the other hand, endurance cyclist should do the opposite by lifting lighter weights with increased repetition.

Special Considerations

  • Before dwelling in this type of exercise, it is essential to have the right equipment. Of course having the correct bike is the primary concern because it is the one to be used. There are different types of bike; you should buy one in accordance to the specialty and speed you want to master.
  • The height of your bike should be proportioned to your body. Ask the personnel in the shop how it is done and they will lead you to the right way.

Biking can be done by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. The road, downhill, cross-country, even your neighborhood can serve as your playground because of this. It is a great way to exercise, especially if you are cycling with friends or your special someone.