Quick Breakfast Ideas For Anyone

Breakfast is undeniably the most important meal of the day, yet not everyone has the opportunity to eat at this time. The morning rush, preparation for school, and tons of other factors hinder you from having the healthy breakfast you deserve. Well worry no more. Here are some easy and quick ideas that does not take too much time to prepare.

French Toast

Beat your egg in seconds, combine it with cream and milk, soak your bread with this concoction, and then fry it. Served with butter or your choice of fruit, French toast is one of the fastest breakfast you can make. It only takes 10 to 15 minute’s tops, and that still depends if you move fast in the kitchen. You can eat this at home, in the car, or while walking. You can even prepare extra and snack on it.

Muffin (Any Type)

Muffins for breakfast? Why not? The only ingredients you will need are your muffin mix (you can also make one from scratch), any of the following: blueberries, corn, raspberry, oatmeal, etc. Whip it up. Microwave according to instructions, or on high heat for a minute, and then serve with peanut butter and slices of banana.

Oatmeal In A Jar/ Refrigerated Oatmeal

You have seen this on every Instagram post possible, and it is easy to make one for your breakfast. Before doing your morning ritual, head to the kitchen and get your jar. Fill it with oats, fruit of your choice, and a layer of milk and cream in alternating manners. Let it sit in the fridge while you prepare for work. Before you leave, eat your healthy breakfast first. You can also try making it at night if you have the time.

Egg Benedict

Bacon, ham, poached egg, and everything nice. That is the usual component of an egg benedict. Because most of its ingredients are fried, you can prepare it in under 10 minutes.

With all the yummy and easy breakfast ideas here, there is no reason for you to skip this important meal. Because what you eat for breakfast helps you with your energy, appetite, and concentration for the day, it is not a choice, but a must.

No Substitute for Real Fruits

Fruits can give you better nutrients than your vitamin supplement. It could be a bit more expensive though but you get the value for your money than when you spend for a little less but can’t even give you half of what your body needs. Some people think that the down side of having the real fruits than the supplements is that you need to chew them and digest them. Well, of course you do. That doesn’t mean it’s a down side.

Eating the real fruits can give you not only your daily nutritional needs. They also provide fiber for you which are also very essential to your body. People who have very low intake for fiber are more prone to get sick. At least I know that I do. But sometimes it’s too much to eat all the fruits you need in a day. A blender like this one at home helps me in that problem. In just a few spins, I get great fruit and even vegetable shakes that I can just gulp down in seconds. It’s a good thing anyone can now make shortcuts in eating.

Healthy Snack for A Hungry Stomach

I really don’t like starving myself, even though my friends tell me not to eat too much. I don’t eat like a pig; I just like to eat frequently. When you are working, especially when you have a job that requires frequent brains storming you need to eat to get some glucose into your brain and not having your stomach emptied.

Some people don’t realize that they already hungry because they are busy thinking of other things or preparing a snack is tiresome. Food and water is our body’s fuel and we need them to get things done right.

Whenever I’m hungry especially when I go overtime typing stuff, I just make cucumber sandwich. This snack has been my favourite because it really satisfies my stomach. All you need is bread; if you want it to be healthier you can use wholegrain bread, a bit of mayo, cheese and cucumber. Sometimes I also add some tomato and garnished white onion for added flavour. It goes well with juice, coffee or tea. Try it!

Best way to Lose Weight Fast

Eat Healthy

You can lose weight fast without using any dietary pills as recommended by many professionals. You must understand that many of the dietary pills that are in the market are not good for use as they only give results for the first time and then come to haunt you with more complicated health issues. You can lose weight fast naturally without taking any pills. First you can think about taking tea, tea has been shown to have much effect in when losing weight as it helps in burning of calories and unwanted fats in the body.

Scheduling your meals has also been shown to have profound effects in losing weight. Before you think of anything else you should consult widely so that you can get all the information you need about the weight losing diets in the market and know their side effects. Your doctors will also advice you on what you should do.

Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Parents usually remind us to eat a hearty breakfast, they are right and it is important that you know why. When you go to school without breakfast you tend to have a hard time analyzing and concentrating on something, you also fail to participate actively and you feel very weak. This is because when we sleep our body goes without food for several hours, and not eating first thing in the morning can make us feel drained and empty.

Not having enough time is no excuse to skip a hearty breakfast, manage your schedule wisely because this is a must for your body. Not doing this will lead to binge eating throughout the day and this can affect your weight and health. You will also understand your lessons better because your stomach will not nag you every minute for food. Make eating a hearty breakfast a habit and not only will this make you healthier, you can make your parents happy too.