Amanda Bynes The Twitter Baby

Amanda Bynes, one of the most promising stars of her generation has been garnering a lot of negative comments these days. According to her neighbors, peers, news, and publications, she has been displaying some notably weird behavior. However, the actress herself disputed the following claims and said that she is happy. She is also posting a lot of tweets lately and even threatened to sue the people who are saying false things about her.

Rumors On Her Behavior

  • According to her neighbor, she seems to be having a conversation with inanimate things.
  • People from the gym that she went to were astonished by her bizarre behavior. They stated that she talked to herself and cried after her wig slipped off.
  • She reportedly did not pay for some clothes, but apparently went back after realizing this.
  • She kept posting wacky pictures of herself on Twitter.

Amanda’s Retort

  • According to Amanda, the stories circulating around the internet are false. She wants to take legal action by suing blogs and major publications for writing about her so-called “erratic behavior.”
  • Bynes kept saying that compared to her posted pictures, Kid Cudi’s are questionable. She even stated that her ex kept bad mouthing her to other people and the press.
  • Amanda is happy with her pictures and tweets and said that she is obsessed with herself on Twitter.

Relatives, Friends, and Supporters

  • Even with all the bad publicity, some of Amanda’s fans are sticking by her and thinks the paparazzi are stepping over the line. Aside from that when you read forums, you will see her fans telling other people that it is wrong to speculate over ones mental health without having conclusive evidence.
  • Amanda Bynes family is concerned for her well-being and continues to reach out.

Like many Hollywood stars before her, it seems that Amanda Bynes is going through difficult times. She has several run-ins with the law and rumors are still circling about her. In the end she is the only one who knows herself best and if she says that she is happy, then that should be respected by other people.

The Cost Of Being Famous

To live the life of a celebrity is like a dream come true. Thousands of fans screaming your name, millions of dollars in your account, travelling whenever you want, being a VIP everywhere you go; the list are endless. However, few things in life are taken for free. In fact, for some celebrities the price is too much to pay. Here are the costs of being famous.

Goodbye Private Life

Being famous means being in the spotlight. Everyone wants to know what you are doing, where you are going, or who you are with. Paparazzi follow you every second of the day and a camera is shoved in your face everywhere you go. When you break-up with your boyfriend, people you do not know will know it a few minutes after. In short, there is no secret you can keep.

You Are Scrutinized By Strangers

Because you are a celebrity, people feel that they own you. They bash you in the internet, news, and write-ups. The way you speak, move, dance, sing, interact with other people, and even how you live your life is scrutinized by everyone. When some celebrities talk back or give their side, they are laughed at.

Your Security Is At Stake

There are always haters, stalkers, and psychos out there who are out to get their targeted celebrities. Sometimes even wild fans overdo it by rushing to their idols and unintentionally hurting them. Aside from that, some celebrities are scared for the safety of their family so they have a hard time going to the mall or public places without having a security by their side.

Not Your Average Joe

Celebrities are not like any average person and this means that sometimes they cannot do the “normal things” that you enjoy. For example, they cannot dine in a famous eatery without being mobbed. They also cannot play in the park, stroll at the beach, or go stargazing anywhere in public without anyone asking for their signature or picture.

As you can see, being a celebrity is hard work. You have to please everyone every time in order to be loved. There are a lot of benefits to being famous such as having lost of cash and going to different places, but it is not without a price. So if you are thinking of becoming a celebrity yourself, ask yourself first if you have what it takes.

Spoiled Rotten Celebrity Kiddos

Some children are living in poverty with nothing to eat and few clothes to wear, while there are those who are literally millionaires even before they come out of their mother’s womb. These lucky children are the celebrity kids, the ones who are born with silver spoons. From designer clothes to expensive toys, see how lucky they are and how spoiled they can be.

Luxury Clothing

  • Few people get to view a fashion show, what more the Paris Fashion Week. Well, being the daughter of Jennifer Lopez sure has its perks. Her daughter Emme not only caught a glimpse of the modeled clothes, she also got a front row seat at the fashion show itself.
  • For kids like Suri Cruise, knowing what to eat, much less wear is not a problem at all. In fact her clothes costs more than $2000, and that is just her coat.
  • Celebrity kids, even baby’s are pampered with designer clothes, shoes, and bags that will make your eye pop out when you see the price tag.

Toys For The Big And Small

  • Justin Combs is not worrying about his allowance or what car he is going to get. His rich daddy P. Diddy gave him a luxury car amounting to $360,000 when he turned 16. People are wondering what his dad is planning for his 21st birthday, maybe a whole racetrack to make his son happy.
  • Halle Berry’s daughter is one lucky gal because her mother was seen with a shopping cart overflowing with toys.

Special Treatment

  • Even President Obama treats his children by letting them attend private concerts from Bieber and Glee.
  • Beyonce’s daughter looks like she is having the time of her life even if she’s still a baby. Her bathtub is reportedly adorned with Swarovski and her crib is more than $3000.
  • Celebrity babies and kids have their own estates, yachts, and large bank accounts, and they haven’t even worked yet.

Celebrities love to spend their money on their children. They buy the most expensive clothes, gadgets, and provide their kids the best things that money can buy. While there is nothing wrong with this scenario, sometimes you cannot help, but just feel jealous. So the next time you buy that concert ticket, remember that the money you spent will add up to their children’s toys. Hey at least you made them happy.

How Celebrities Maintain Their Body

It is no secret that celebrities have to die for bodies. The sculpted abs, finely shaped legs, and toned arms are admirable and enviable. Contrary to popular belief, Hollywood celebrities do not purge their food. They attain and maintain their shape through rigorous workout and discipline. Here the things they do to keep their fine body.

Eating Healthy Foods

Chips, cookies, and other treats will go straight to your love handles. Though celebrities still indulge in these types of foods, they know when to call it quits. Compared to ordinary people, Hollywood stars maintain a healthy and balanced diet. They enter a program or hire a chef to cook foods that will allow them to stay strong while keeping their body in shape. Salads and fruits are a mainstay in their diet and most of them really watch what they eat.

Gym Time

Celebrities work hard to maintain the ideal body that people will scream for. If you sit on your couch or gossip with your friends when you have extra time, celebrities use that opportunity to go to the gym and lift weights. Male celebrities bulk up by spending 2-3 hours a day lifting heavy weights, while most women enroll in yoga or hire a personal trainer to help them lose weight.

Enjoy Sports

Some Hollywood A-listers are into sports. They ride their bikes, swim, or indulge in any type of sports that you can think of. They live an active lifestyle not only to get a sculpted physique, but because they naturally enjoy it. Aside from that, sport is a form of de-stressing so it is a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

Cleansing And Pills

Though this is not recommended, some celebrities still endorse and use diet pills to lose their weight. The Food and Drug Administration are not able to regulate these types of drugs so it may be dangerous to use it.

Celebrities are admired because of their talent for acting, beautiful appearance, and great physique. To maintain their great body, they resort to the following means. Majority of their ways are helpful and healthy so it is recommended. If you want to follow suit and have the built and shape of your favorite star, discipline and motivation should go hand-in-hand to be successful.

Celebrity Award Season Style 2013

Many celebrities have graced the red carpet this year wearing stunning dresses and beautiful ensembles. If you ever needed inspiration for what to wear to that upcoming special occasion – then look no further.

Our guide below tells you all you need to know so you can choose from all the many gorgeous designs such as pretty prom dresses and the perfect one shoulder dresses for your next event which have been worn this season.

Strapless gowns

These types of dresses are timeless and can flatter all shapes and sizes provided you find the correct fit and support. Strapless gowns have made a massive come-back during this year’s award season.

Celebrities including Olivia Munn was on trend at this year’s Oscars with her corset gown with gold-embellishment from Marchesa. Hollywood star Jessica Chastain also went for a strapless dress at the same awards ceremony. She oozed old-school glamour in a beaded number by Armani Privé.

Little Black Dress

The LBD is a safe bet and classic staple item which is an investment for your wardrobe. Stars can regularly be seen donning this piece of clothing, and what’s great is that you can pick up many different styles in a range of luxurious fabrics.

Singer and songwriter Adele was just one of many to wear a LBD this year. She sparkled on the red carpet at the Oscars with her glamorous Jenny Packham gown. The floor-length beaded design was a far cry from her earlier fashion faux pas at The Grammy Awards where she wore a vintage-style number with a red floral pattern, which was later slated as looking like a curtain.

Television presenter Giuliana Rancic also opted for a little black dress for her Oscars appearance. Country music starlet Taylor Swift joined the trend too, as she arrived at the Brit Awards in London wearing a beautiful floor-length number with added sheer panels. This gown was from Elie Saab’s designer collection.


This is a style which always looks effortless and chic, and who could pull it off better than a beauty such as Rosie-Huntington-Whitely? The model turned actress wore a one-shouldered blush-coloured Valentino tiered gown at the Vanity Fair party following the Oscars.

Heidi Klum sported the same look by wearing a white Alexandre Vauthier dress at the Golden Globes. Naomi Watts also opted for the one-shouldered look in a sequined long-sleeved Emilio Pucci number at The Oscars.


This look has been around for a few seasons now but many celebrities continue to rock this popular trend.

Ozzy Osbourne’s presenter daughter Kelly chose to follow this look by donning a bandage-style gown with embellishment, designed by Tony Ward Couture, at the Oscars.

Thigh-high split

Everyone likes a gorgeous gown with a sexy edge. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is known as a fan of this style. At this year’s Grammy Awards she turned heads by dressing seductively in a black one-shouldered Anthony Vacarello number with a sexy split at the front right up to her thigh.

Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria also followed suit by daring to bare in a stunning Emilio Pucci design, with black lace detailing at the 2013 Golden Globes.