Do’s And Don’ts For Shiny Healthy Hair

No matter where you go, having a long and bouncy hair is always a head turner. People appreciate it, not to mention they get to see your real beauty because they are not focusing on the blob on your head. To attain this, you need to follow a set of guidelines or rules. Here are the top things you should do, as well as avoid to achieve a magazine worthy hair that people would want to touch and look at every time.


  • Do wash your hair regularly. Failing to do so may lead to an icky and oily hair.
  • Do not over wash your hair like 2-3 times a day because it will cause dryness or worsening of dandruff.
  • Do massage your hair while washing to promote relaxation, proper production of oil, and removal of dry flakes and dirt accumulated throughout the day.

Drying and Brushing

  • Do not wring your hair using a towel after showering because it can lead to damage.
  • Do use the cool setting for the blow dryer to prevent over drying of your scalp and hair.
  • Do not utilize a hard brush with pointed bristles to avoid a damaged hair and scalp.
  • Do not brush your hair 100 times a day because it would lead to overproduction of sebum or oil in your hair making it look wet and unappealing.

Hair Products

  • Do use the right hair products for your hair type.
  • Do look at the label and check if it contains natural ingredients.
  • Do learn how to use organic type of shampoos because it is hair-friendly and makes it healthier.
  • Do not utilize wax, clays, and gels often because it will dry and damage your hair.
  • Do not iron, curl, or blow dry your hair often.

A naturally beautiful hair is easy to achieve. By following the aforementioned, you will have an enviable mane that people want to copy. Aside from your daily hair care regimen, do not forget to eat healthy because it will strengthen and beautify your hair further.

Going for Short Hair, Is it For You?

A lot of women are scared of cutting their hair short and trying a new style. As years pass by, short hairstyles have become a trendy choice for many. These looks were once thought as boyish or mom cuts, however, with the creativity of stylists, they garnered the notion of being more feminine.

There are numerous benefits you can achieve when opting to go short. Obviously, you can take proper care of your hair a lot easier. You can use different products to make your hair shine or look the way you want it to be. The growth of hairstyling products have grown drastically, so you have numerous choices.

Going for short hair entails wise decisions so you don’t have to regret on the final look. Make sure that you focus on the shape and angle of your face so you can achieve the right cut. You can ask your hairdresser about the perfect style that will suit you. No matter what style your crowning glory has, make sure you flaunt it and be proud of it.

Preventing and Treating Hair Loss Problem

Being bald can be cool for men but if you are a woman and you are in your early thirty’s, then hair loss can be a major problem. I had a friend who got really depressed after noticing continuous hair fall during her pregnancy. Her doctor told her it is normal but she still panicked fearing getting bald after giving birth.

Hair loss is normal especially if you have family history of hair loss. To make it easier for you to remedy it, it is better to consult a physician immediately and ask for possible medication to lessen hair fall. There are shampoos and vitamins that you can take to make hair fall stop. There are also certain medicines that can help you grow your hair at a faster rate hence replacing the falling strands of hair immediately.

Hair loss or getting bald shouldn’t be feared. Remember, we have new medicines and advanced technology that can now help in replacing your fallen hairs.

How to Treat and Prevent Dandruff

There are times that we get dandruff and it’s irritating because one minute you are scratching your scalp because of the itch and then you’ll find thin powders on your shirt. This is such a big turn off whenever you’re with someone and your scalp bares it all, forming flakes that are noticeable. It was one of my embarrassing moments when I need to hide my scalp by tying up my hair, not to reveal my scalp. It’s the most boring hair style ever but I have to endure it.

Dandruff is a form of skin eczema and it is caused by a lot of things, it can be because of irritation, your scalp is sensitive to the hair products you are using. It can also mean you are stressed and your body takes it out on your scalp, it can also be a yeast infection, or it can either be not fully nourished with the food you are eating.


There are many ways in treating dandruff, and here are some of the remedies you can try if anti dandruff shampoos don’t work.

Baking Soda. If your dandruff tends to be flaky then this stuff is good for you because it is effective in removing flakes. When taking a bath wet your hair first and then put some baking soda on your hands and rub it on your scalp. Massage it thoroughly to remove the flakes. While you are using this product makes sure that you don’t use any shampoo, it may make your hair dry but a few weeks of using baking soda, eventually your natural oil will start to produce.

Lemon/calamansi is also good if you have an itchy and flaky scalp. Before taking a batch rub some of the lemon juice onto your scalp and massage them. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing. It will not only remove your dandruff it keeps your hair smelling citrusy.

Salt. Do not underestimate your regular salt because this stuff has proved itself to be an effective scrubber. Of course you must use the fine salt rather than the course one. Salt has been used in many skin care products; it is very useful in removing dead skin. Just put some salt onto your flaky scalp and gently scrub it. Rinse it with water before shampooing.


Since dandruff can be caused by poor nutrition, we can prevent it by eating the right food. Eating food rich it vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetable as well as protein rich fruit helps prevent dandruff.

Get enough sleep to regenerate your body. Too much exhaustion lowers our immune system, giving way for opportunistic bacteria/agents to attack our system making us more weak and prone to infection.

Natural Ingredients to Solve Hair Loss

Our hair is one of our most important asset. It is the first thing other people notices about us and this symbolizes what kind of person we are. Our hair reflects our personality, thus we would sometimes spend time, money and effort to maintain the beauty of our hair.

The hair is very sensitive and we can have many hair problems such as hair fall, breakage, split ends and hair loss. These problems are often acquired because of our genetic make-up, our immediate environment or because of the different chemicals applied unto our hair because of our desire to make it perfect. Since many of us can’t afford to pay for hair specialists to solve our hair problems, some of us would simply result in using shampoos with natural ingredients to make our hair more alive and more attractive. But shampoos available in the market still contain substances which may be harmful to our hair.

Every now and then, we would resort in using alternatives readily available at our home to maintain our hair. Natural ingredients such as apple-cider vinegar, egg yolk and egg white, avocado oil, coconut oil and honey would help us reduce hair loss. One should also remember to drink plenty of water, reduce stress and have a healthy diet to remain from losing strands of our hair.