Sparking Creativity In Your Kids

Most parents would want their kids to be creative. Kids who have a sense of creativity often grow up successful and satisfied with what they achieve in their lives. However, although their intention is to help their children, a lot of parents are doing it wrong. There are parents who try to push their kids to things like music, painting, etc. without even knowing what the kid may really want. Pushing your kids on something they’re not really interested in can kill their creativity, before it has been sparked.

In order to spark creativity in your children, you’ll need to provide them with the creative atmosphere. You do this by being creative yourself. Make songs, paint, write poems or stories with them. When they start to take interest, support them by providing them with the necessary materials to progress with their interests. Like if they want to do painting, provide them with painting materials.

As mentioned above, never force them to do something that they’re not inclined to. Also, make sure that you give genuine appreciation with their work and never judge or compare it to others. Doing so would discourage them, especially if they feel it is inferior to another work.

Tools For Jewelry Making

Jewelries can spruce up even the simplest outfit. Because of that, people from all walks of life use this everyday and you can see thousands of designs and creations on different stores. Some jewelry tends to be expensive, but that does not mean that you can’t save money by making your own one. However, before you can produce your own jewelry, you need the proper tools, so here are the ones that you are going to need along the way.


Because you wear your jewelries, fit is of the utmost importance. For this reason, having a ruler by your side while making this project is very essential. If you are trying to make the jewelry for yourself, more often than not you just estimate or use your arms as a model for the size. However, when making one for a friend, loved one, or even a customer, you must ensure that the length is right.

Scissors/Wire Cutter

Scissors and wire cutters are vital for this type of project because you cannot cut the thread, nylon, or any other materials using your teeth or Herculean strength alone. Some people use a utility knife or cutter when making jewelries, but this is not entirely recommended due to the danger it poses and the resulting uneven cut.


When making jewelry, you have to handle beads, strings, even metals. Some materials tend to be small and manipulating it using your hands alone may be too difficult. Aside from that, it would be a nightmare to squeeze or bend the wire using your fingers. To make your job easier, you can utilize the pliers.


Dealing with metal for your wire has several pros and cons. It is highly advantageous because of its durability, however it has rough and jagged edges after cutting which can cause a scratch or wound on the wearers skin. To even it out, use flies.

The aforementioned materials will make your jewelry making successful and this will grow as you become more acquainted to it. This is a great activity to do with your family and friends, not only to pass the time, but to have something fabulous to wear as well. Aside from that, with the right connections and marketing strategy, you can even sell it for a price. This means that you will have an extra income just by doing your favorite activity.

Kids, Crafts, And Safety

Children love to color, build, or assemble things. That is the reason why they always look at you when you make crafts or poke their heads in your craft room. They are naturally curious making them the perfect student for craft making. However, some parents think that crafts making may be dangerous for kids. The truth is it is only dangerous if they are not monitored well, or the equipments they are handling are unsafe.

Let Them In

Kids should not be prohibited from entering the crafts room. They want to know what you do there, and they want to join the activity. When you inhibit their access to the room, they will only try to go inside. Besides, if you leave them on their lonesome while you are busily making your crafts, they may swallow or trip over some things.

Create A Safe Environment

If you are scared to let your child inside the crafts room because of the sharp scissors and the like, then learn to store it properly. You have to discipline yourself and not your child in this scenario. Utility knives and other pointed materials should be kept out of reach, while paints that may contain harmful substances should be stored inside drawers and cabinets with locks.

Give Your Kids Their Own Workplace

Designate an area where your children can do their own crafts. It should be of the right size and height to make it safer and functional. The flooring should be child-friendly to prevent slipping or accidents. Aside from that, give them their own storage and instruct them that the only things they can touch are the ones inside the cabinet.

Kid-Friendly Materials and Crafts

Do not let your kids handle something not age-appropriate as this can be detrimental to their health and safety. Instead, buy materials made for them like crayons, colored papers, clays, and so much more. You can buy kid-friendly scissors to maintain safety.
Children who are exposed to crafts will learn a lot and improve their motor skills faster. While some materials for making crafts tend to be harmful, there are still a lot of safe alternatives you can use. Do not hinder them from this type of activity just because you are too afraid because you will also affect their development and abilities.

Scrapbooking For The Noobs

Scrapbooking is a highly enjoyable and imaginative way of chronicling your adventures, celebrations, and achievements. With a bit of creativity and the right materials, you will have a colorful and meaningful scrapbook full of memories. If you are a newbie in this field, just read the tips below and you will be ready to begin your work in a few minutes.

Choose The Theme

  • Like any other art projects, scrapbooking needs a foundation and that is the theme that you are going to use. The theme will depend on your style, personality, or what you want the viewers of your scrapbook to experience. You can get ideas from different blogs, magazines, and write-ups like this. To make your scrapbook more unique, tweak the design of your chosen theme and add a touch of personality.

Get the Right Materials

  • The most basic materials that you will need for your scrapbook includes the cardboards for the main frame, papers where you will place your photos, spring or string, scissors, colorful pens and adhesive.
  • You can use any recycled materials for your design, do-it-yourself creations, or even store bought ones. Though the latter may not be as enjoyable as making the design yourself.

Assemble Your Photos

  • Your pictures are the star of the scrapbook you are making so make sure to include the most memorable ones. It should be clear and of high quality so the ones who will view it (including you) will enjoy what they are seeing.

Put Funny Captions And Designs

  • A scrapbook is not complete without the wacky description and heartfelt messages. To make it more enticing, put colorful captions. Aside from that, you can also place stickers, or any other additional designs.

There are many scrapbooking ideas strewn all over the net so you will not have a hard time looking for an inspiration. You can either copy the themes online or make one out of your own imagination. A scrapbook is more fun when shared with loved ones and relatives so do not forget to present it to them after it is done.

3 Tips For Crafting Mama’s And Their Children

A safe and good way to bond with your kids is through crafts making. Both mother and child will enjoy the activity, and they will feel successful once they finish a project. If you are thinking of doing this with your kid, then you should definitely read the tips below to learn what you should and shouldn’t expect, as well the things you must do to accomplish the said task.

Start Small

As this is probably the first time your child is doing this with you, do not start off with big and impossible projects. Be realistic, your child is too small for such a grandiose task. Determine the projects he can do for his age by looking at different forums on the internet. You can ask other mama’s like you, or better yet look at examples online. Start with a 20-30 minute session and build your way from there.

Accept The Mess

Children will always act like one so do not expect a clean work area. To protect your table or any other surfaces that you will be working on, cover it with papers, magazines, or newspapers. You can even place old plastic or gift wrappers. If you are going to use paint or materials of the same kind, it is best to put on old clothes or aprons. Everything is washable nowadays so do not scream like a banshee if a dot of color stains your dress.

Do Not Expect A Perfect Craft

Even if you are a crafting genius, your children may not be like that, or they are still developing their own style so do not expect everything to turn out exactly as you see it in books or magazines. Expecting as much will only lead you to disappointments, and instead of bonding effectively with your kids, you may push them away.

Kids love to discover and build new things so you will surely enjoy the whole experience. To get ideas, check online, read books, or simply go to crafting stores. By starting this activity early on in your children’s life, they will discover what a great world this is and will turn away from harmful vices like smoking, alcohol, or even drugs.