Silk Screen and Other Ways to Promote Your Business

Promoting your business is a huge task. A multifaceted approach is the best way to get your business on the minds and in the ears of potential customers. Commercials on the radio can be a great way to boost the flow of new clients to your business. You can work with the radio company to ensure that the placement of your ad is the most beneficial. Your ad should be played at a time when it will be heard by people in your potential market. Television commercials may have gone the way of the dinosaur at this point. More people are giving up their traditional television service for on-demand services. The newspaper can be another great place to place an advertisement. With a media source like a newspaper or magazine, you can get even more creative with your advertisement. Offering a free trial or other special for those who bring in the physical ad is a great way to entice customers.

People Will Do Anything for a Free Shirt

Giving away T-shirts or even selling them can be a great way to promote your business and sometimes make money at the same time. Companies all around the country can use silk screen prints and design a shirt to your exact specifications. Giving away free T-shirts with your business logo and email address is a great idea. Host some kind of an event that relates to your business. Then give out free shirts as prizes to get new clients excited about using your business.

Use Your Fans to Get Your Business Noticed

When you run a successful business, your clients become your friends and your biggest form of advertisement. You’ve taken care of your clients and they want to return the favor. Give them an opportunity to help your business grow and they will jump at the chance. Selling T-shirts can be a cost-effective way to get your name and logo out in the real world. With the right silk screen company, you can even make a small amount of money off of each shirt and still sell them at a reasonable price.

Learn to Celebrate With Style

Weddings, birthdays, or any other celebration calls for food, party favors, and of course the much needed decorations. Though the aforementioned tends to be expensive, you cannot scrimp on food because the guests will not enjoy their stay. However, you can still celebrate with style even on a tight budget. How can you do that? The answer is simple; you can use a custom poster. Look below for some fabulous ideas on how you can utilize this type of decoration.

Highlight Your Special Moments

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, and what better way to describe how much you love your beau than to show it in a huge poster? Yes, you can utilize a poster at your wedding reception by placing it near the main table or anywhere the guests will notice it immediately. The poster will serve not only as a great decoration, but also as a testament of your love. Aside from that, it is a good conversation piece among friends and family members.

The Biggest Birthday Gift

Besides being a good embellishment in any party, the custom poster can also be given as a gift. If you have a loved one who is celebrating his birthday, you can simply get a stunning picture of his, turn it into a poster, hang or place it near the entrance, and have the guests write their own inspiring message on it. This is a relatively cheap gift idea, not to mention the celebrant will definitely feel touched because of the heartfelt messages inscribed on the poster. This translates to best gift ever!

How to Make a Poster

Nowadays, producing a poster is a cinch since there are a lot of businesses who will do it for you at an affordable price. You just have to search the net for companies that specialize in this type of transaction, visit the site, follow the instructions indicated, give your specifications, and ta-da! You now have your own customized poster to show off. The best part is, you did not even move from your computer chair.

Customized posters are reasonably priced, efficient, and look astounding, especially if you have the right picture. This will save you a decent amount of cash that you can use to make your party more fabulous like having a great menu, or giving away cool party favors.

Support a New Army Spouse with a Thoughtful Care Package

Supporting an active duty spouse is a hard job: the financial strain, family obligations, and stress of knowing that a loved one could face danger at any moment… In a very real way, keeping things together at the homestead is how army spouses serve their countries.

Your neighborhood is likely home to several spouses who have the responsibility of “holding down the fort” while the other is on active duty. It is not uncommon for communities to get together and distribute care packages to military families for just this reason – sometimes just knowing that the community is there and cares can make a difference.

Top 3 Care Package Ideas for Army Families

A care package is just one small way to say thank you to a military spouse in your community. This quick guide will provide a few gift package ideas that your family can put together over the course of a weekend, ideal gifts for brand new military spouses but appreciated by longtime supporters as well.

1. Household Rescue Kit

We love gifts that focus on utility, things that army spouses can use to make the household run more smoothly. Cleaning and laundry supplies are expensive but always needed, and food packages (universal in their appeal) are fun to assemble. Many of the newer military spouses are first-time homebuyers and might need necessities like household tools or lawn care equipment. Include gift cards when appropriate.

2. Military Pride Package

It’s true – military families have a lot to be proud of. Personalized pride gear is a great way to help military spouses and their families raise awareness and show support. Check out this link for customized shirts, hats, dog tags, and everything in between. Spouse shirts are very common, but “army brat” and military son/daughter/mother/father gear is easy to order through all the popular customization outlets.

3. Your Time and Effort

Military spouses, especially those with children or family to care for, may appreciate your time and effort more than anything else. Take some time to ask what needs to be done. Childcare, car repair, and household maintenance are areas that a military spouse might appreciate help with. If you have a teenage son or daughter that mows your lawn or shovels your walk, ask them to donate their time.

Whether you are reaching out to a neighbor, a friend, a relative, or a co-worker, reaching out to a military family is a great way to make a difference. Knowing that a strong community is there to serve as a support network and source of friendship can relieve some of the pressure felt by active duty military members in their quest to support their families from afar.

Care packages for active duty troops are a traditional way to say thanks but the sacrifices of military spouses and their families are worth honoring as well – especially when those families live in your very own neighborhood. A care package is just one small gesture, but small gestures can add up to create the atmosphere of community that every military family needs.

Tropicana Brings Sunshine on a Chilly Winter

Tropicana brings the glorious sunshine one chilly New York morning with the Tropicana Winter Sunshine advertising campaign. This campaign is an ambitious campaign featuring one building the size of a football field with several painting teams over a period of 17 days. The building itself is large enough which makes it noticeable for both motorists and pedestrians alike. The great thing about the winter sunshine campaign is that it’s ever changing. Painting teams worked to deliver two different designs within the 17 day timeframe with awesome results. This ambitious art project is also a well documented project using the combination of stop motion videos and thousands of photographs.