Simple Lawn Maintenance Tips

As much as homeowners want to, a “perfect” lawn is not attainable. A lot of factors need to be considered such as the weather and climate, the time you will spend on caring for it, and the condition of the soil. Instead, aim for a healthy lawn which you can attain by doing these simple maintenance tips that most swear by.

Mind The Soil

Though you step on it and take it for granted, the soil has much to do with the health of your lawn. Because it is alive, it needs to eat and drink, very much like humans and animals. Water it, put fertilizer, and take care of it like you would with any other living creature. For those who live in a cold environment, never put salt on the ice because it will eventually make its way into the soil and damage it.

Use Organic When Possible

Natural fertilizer is still a better alternative to the chemical infused kinds. Though the latter is great for the grass or plants, the soil will end up suffering. There are a lot of ways to create your own compost. The materials can be gathered from your yard, the kitchen, or the immediate surroundings. It is cheaper to make as well compared to the chemical fertilizers.

Go Easy On The Pesticide

There is nothing more irritating than having pests destroy what you have worked hard for or seeing holes on your lawn. Though a strong pesticide can help eliminate the problem, it will backfire when it kills all the insects. And mind you, not all insects who reside there is harmful for the lawn. With that in mind, go for organic pesticides that are generally gentler.

Water Right

How much watering should you do? This is dependent on where you live and the rainfall of the environment, the type of soil you have, and the grass. For most, once or twice per week is a good one.

A healthy lawn is only achievable if you are willing to put in effort in taking care of it. Do not aim for perfection because it is impossible to get. Be satisfied with the results of your hard work.

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