Tips For Maintaining Younger Looking Skin

There are two kinds of people; one that looks young for their age, and those who seem well beyond their years. The quality of their skin is the one to blame. It can either looking wrinkly and sagging, or firm and supple. Because everyone wants to belong to the latter, here are some tips for obtaining younger looking skin.

Get Complete Sleep

When you sleep, the body is able to recuperate. There is skin renewal wherein the old skin cell is replaced by newer cell. This helps keep you younger looking. Lack of sleep can only lead to breaking of collagen. Cortisol, which is a stress hormone, is also released in greater amounts when there is no sleep. It increases inflammation in your body, affecting the quality of the skin.

Have Massages Regularly

Whether done at the spa or with the help of your husband, massages can increase your chances of having younger skin. It helps stimulate the release of collagen. Aside from that, a massage can greatly relieve the body and mind against stress. When there is less problems, the face brightens.

Watch What You Eat

Battle free radicals with the help of antioxidants found in food. As free radicals cause damages to the skin cell, it is important to take in fruits that can combat its effect. Apples, green tea, citrusy fruits, berries, and wine, among many others should be enjoyed. It not only helps your skin, it also taste good and assist you when losing or maintaining your weight.

Do A Daily Skin Regimen

Moisturizing, applying toners, and washing your face may seem to consume time. However, it does keep the skin nice and supple. By cleansing your face, you are getting rid of the dirt that has accumulated throughout the day. It helps your pores stay unclogged, helping you look and feel fresh. Exfoliation is also good for removing old skin and assisting it rejuvenate.

Don’t look like 40 in your 20’s. As for those who hit their middle age, there is still opportunity to look younger. Wouldn’t it be nice if people are often surprised when you tell them that you are older than you look, instead of the other way around?

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