Weight Loss Fail: What You Are Doing Wrong

Slim waist, sculpted abs, a mannequin figure. Who doesn’t want that? Every year, millions of people try to lose weight, only to bounce back to their previous size, or even bigger. Being one of them, have you ever asked yourself what you were doing wrong? If you had, here are the answers.

Resorting To Crash Diets

Crash diet is defined as withholding food by means of eating a minimum amount in order to lose weight quickly. Examples range from skipping meals to fit their bridesmaid dresses, to consuming next to nothing to look good for the prom. Why is this bad? Not only does it affect your hormones, health, and concentration. It also makes you susceptible to binge eating. Because you haven’t developed the discipline for proper eating, you are most likely to snap and overindulge.

Exercising While Not Eating Well

A wise man once said that you cannot outrun or out-exercise a bad diet. Your arms and legs will feel stronger if you lift or do cardio, however, you should still combine it with eating well. The magic formula is 70 or 80 percent diet and 30 or 20 percent exercise. Without this, you can play basketball or run all you want but you will never achieve the physique you like.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water aids in weight loss by preventing hunger pangs while making you feel full, burns calories faster, and prevent bloating. Now you are probably shaking your head. How does it even do that? It is simple really. When you drink, you pee more, thus reducing the fluid inside you. If you do not consume your ideal 6-8 glasses a day, you can expect bloating to happen. It may not seem much if you are already thin, but if you are trying to lose weight, that difference really matters.

While losing weight, there will be a lot of mistakes that you will have to go through. As they say, the climb to the top is not easy. However, if you come prepared, you can expect that climb to be smoother compared to coming with no prior knowledge.

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