Culprits For Dry Hair

Often, people who have healthy mane is a subject of envy. Everyone wants to have beautiful hair. Sadly, dryness is still triumphant, based from a number of reasons. Here, you will find out what they are so you can solve it and have your dream hair. Who knows? The next time we see a shampoo commercial, you might be the model.

Over Styling or Use of Products

Gels, wax, sprays, colorant- all of this contributes to brittle and dry hair. Because it contains chemicals that are often damaging when overused, you can expect your hair to be dry in a span of days, even hours. Curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryers are also culprits, especially if they are not the good variety. To reverse the damage, lessen your use of styling products and go for dryers or irons that have negative ions.

Wrong Shampoo

As every individual has different type of hair, it follows that there are shampoos that cater to each kind. If you find yourself using one that does not suit your type, you can expect dryness to appear. For those who has chemically treated or colored hair, make sure to use shampoo made specifically for that.

Bad Nutrition

Everything you put inside your body has an effect on your system, including your hair. If you do not drink enough water, and lack protein or vitamins in your diet, expect your hair to be unhealthy as well. For those who cannot hit their daily vitamin requirements from the food they consume, you can always take supplements.

Medical Condition

Sometimes, sickness can contribute to unhealthy looking hair. You must first solve this by seeking help from the doctor and doing the appropriate treatment before change is seen. Hormonal fluctuations can also affect your hair, and so is taking pills or medication. Consult the physician first to prevent anxiety.

It is natural to have a bad hair day. Sometimes your locks just won’t agree with you, no matter what products you use. But you can surely prevent dryness by staying away from the following culprits listed and maintaining a good diet.

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