Amanda Bynes The Twitter Baby

Amanda Bynes, one of the most promising stars of her generation has been garnering a lot of negative comments these days. According to her neighbors, peers, news, and publications, she has been displaying some notably weird behavior. However, the actress herself disputed the following claims and said that she is happy. She is also posting a lot of tweets lately and even threatened to sue the people who are saying false things about her.

Rumors On Her Behavior

  • According to her neighbor, she seems to be having a conversation with inanimate things.
  • People from the gym that she went to were astonished by her bizarre behavior. They stated that she talked to herself and cried after her wig slipped off.
  • She reportedly did not pay for some clothes, but apparently went back after realizing this.
  • She kept posting wacky pictures of herself on Twitter.

Amanda’s Retort

  • According to Amanda, the stories circulating around the internet are false. She wants to take legal action by suing blogs and major publications for writing about her so-called “erratic behavior.”
  • Bynes kept saying that compared to her posted pictures, Kid Cudi’s are questionable. She even stated that her ex kept bad mouthing her to other people and the press.
  • Amanda is happy with her pictures and tweets and said that she is obsessed with herself on Twitter.

Relatives, Friends, and Supporters

  • Even with all the bad publicity, some of Amanda’s fans are sticking by her and thinks the paparazzi are stepping over the line. Aside from that when you read forums, you will see her fans telling other people that it is wrong to speculate over ones mental health without having conclusive evidence.
  • Amanda Bynes family is concerned for her well-being and continues to reach out.

Like many Hollywood stars before her, it seems that Amanda Bynes is going through difficult times. She has several run-ins with the law and rumors are still circling about her. In the end she is the only one who knows herself best and if she says that she is happy, then that should be respected by other people.

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