Signs of Poor Distribution Channels

As a business owner or the manufacturer of products, you know that your distribution channels are just as important as the products that you make. Whether the trucks that carry your products to stores do not get good mileage, the drivers like to take breaks or the owners of those shops take too long to put those items on shelves, you’ll have a harder time turning a profit. Those small issues limit the access that customers have to your products and may make stores less willing to place orders with you, but there are some signs you can look for that indicate poor distribution channels.

Customers Can’t Find Your Products

When you launch a new product, you should always check online and read some of the reviews that you come across to see if customers can actually find that product in stores. While there is a chance that they can’t locate those items because the products were so popular that stores sold out, it can also indicate that the stores either did not get the merchandise or has not yet put the merchandise out for sale. This can be a sign that shop owners aren’t working with the distribution network that you established.

Estimated Shipping Takes Too Long

Whether you send out products on trucks or by mail, you have an idea of how long shipping should take. The total length of time depends on the shipping method you selected, the location or your office or facility and where the products go. If you notice that the estimated date of delivery keeps changing and that it takes longer for your products to arrive, you might consider distribution testing. Companies can test your networks and channels to determine why it takes longer for those products to arrive and how you can reduce the shipping time.

Complaints Among Shop Owners Rise

Another sign of a problem in your distribution channel is when the number of complaints that you get from shop owners starts rising. Shop owners want to get products from manufacturers within a short period of time and get those items on their shelves faster. If you promise to deliver products by a certain date and your shipping suppliers cannot keep up with those demands, you’ll notice a swift increase in complaints. It’s important that you fix any issues in your distribution channels to keep your clients and customers happy.

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