Exercise: Not Just For Slimming Purposes

There’s quite a few things that have changed. My physique for one: Me with the naturally slender frame that launched a thousand of anorexia rumors at work, has noticeably filled out. I was then sad because it’s not true that I’m anorexic. In fact, I eat a lot! I would always tell people, “Hey, I’m eating, guys!” Sometimes, I would eat in front of them just to show and prove to them.

My body started to change when someone suggested for me to go to the gym. I’m really irritated and I can’t stand it anymore whenever they tell me that I’m so stick thin. So I started going to the gym, and then after that, some of my body parts got big. I was so happy so I just continued doing it consistently. It really needs effort because if I stop going to the gym and slack off, I get thin.

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