It’s All About The Timepiece

A vibrant watch can immediately perk up your boring outfit. It is also a statement piece, used to show your status in life, tells people about your personality, and most importantly inform you about the time. Some people may argue about the use of a wrist watch since they can simply check their phones or tablets to take note of the time, but at the end of the day, nothing beats a classic timepiece.

1. Tips On Buying A Watch

  • Set a Budget- Watches can go anywhere from a couple of bucks to a million dollars. Know your limitations and start looking from there.
  • Know Your Lifestyle- People who loves to go for adventure should get a sport watch. Businessmen or those who often dress in preppy outfits should go for a silver or classic watch. The rest can try casual, colorful, or quirky watches depending on their personality.
  • Buy it for you- The watch is for you so do not buy it just for the sake of it, or because you were talked into it by a friend or salesman.
  • Research- There is a wealth of information about watches just waiting for you. Research first and read the reviews so you know you are buying something good.

2. Cheap Vs. Luxury Watches

  • Cheap watches are a dime a dozen, meaning you can get lots of it for a small price. This is a good bargain, especially for people who are into fashion, or those who are trying to save money. However, because the parts are also cheap, the quality is compromised.
  • Luxury watches are bought using your whole salary, sometimes even 5 to 6 of it depending on how much you earn. The good thing about it is you never have to replace it since it will last you a lifetime.

3. Beware of the Knock-off

  • If you think you are saving money by buying a cheap-ass Rolex watch, then you are greatly mistaken. There are a lot of knock-offs out there, whether they are sold in the internet or a store. To ensure that you are not buying a fake, look for a certification, or better yet just buy from the store of the brand itself.

Watches are essential and should be worn every day. Time is ticking away, and each day you are running out of it to do the things you want. By wearing a watch, you can seize the day and use your time wisely. Watches are made not only because of fashion, but to tell you the importance of time and how you should spend it.

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