Stopping Your Kids Tantrums In Its Tracks

When your toddler bawls over, kick in the air, and do the waterworks, you immediately know that a tantrum is beginning. By this time, a lot of parents feel frustrated or even humiliated, especially when their kids throw tantrums at a public place. In the end, they give in to the demands of their toddlers to stop this rude behavior. Tantrums happen because your child feels frustrated. He wants to exert a little bit of independence, but his physical capabilities is stopping him. Even parents like you sometimes contribute to your children’s tantrums when you do not give them enough attention.

Remain Calm

It is natural for parents to also feel frustrated or disappointed towards their kids when they go into tantrum mode; however, shouting in response or even hurting their child is not a good way to stop it. The tantrum will escalate and the child will feel resentful towards the parent. Instead, remember that children do what they do and they should not be punished harshly for it.

Step Away

It is a good idea to wait for the storm to pass. Meaning, you should wait until the anger, shouting, and crying of your child subsides. Going to your child while he does this may make him angrier. Aside from that, he will know that it is a good tactic to grab your attention and will do it often whenever he wants you by his side.

Do Not Bribe

Bribing will worsen the situation because your child will think that he is rewarded for the bad behavior. Furthermore, he can use his tantrums to manipulate you if you do this. It is important to let your child know that you are the parent and what you say goes. However, when your child stops the tantrums, you can reassure him by giving a hug and telling him gently why mommy or daddy made that particular rule.
Tantrums are caused by a lot of things. Sometimes they are as simple as a toy falling over, while there are instances when children are demanding something from their parents. If you feel that your child is using it to manipulate you, step back and wait for it to stop. However, if you think that your child wants some independence, then by all means give him the freedom he needs, as long as he is not hurt or harmed by his actions.

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