Don’t be Bugged by Mosquitoes

People who live in four season climates look forward to warm weather so they can enjoy spending time outdoors, but mosquitoes can make it difficult for you to relax in your own backyard. There is a variety of ways to repel these pests but a better plan is to eliminate them completely. Burning citronella, making a smudge or applying insect repellent helps, but insects are determined little blood suckers. Even a combination of these methods will only reduce the number of bites, and even one bite leaves an itchy and annoying welt.

Most homeowners are aware they should not have standing water anywhere near their home, but a nearby drainage ditch or pond offers an ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes. A mosquito larvae trap placed in a few locations around the property offers a homeowner an effective weapon in fighting the war on mosquitoes. These innovative traps work by attracting mosquitoes to lay their eggs in water contained within the trap where they develop into larvae. The water treatment tablets placed in the trap at one month intervals entice the adult mosquitoes to the trap, but the resulting larvae are confined and killed before ever maturing to adults.

Mosquito Deleter is a product that requires little maintenance once the traps have been set up. A weekly check on the water level to ensure it is within a half inch from the top and adding water if necessary. It is not a problem if the trap is dirty since that only makes it more attractive to adults seeking a place to lay their eggs. Four traps will usually be sufficient to protect the average property of one acre or less, but more may be necessary in wooded or extremely wet areas.

Studies conducted on mosquitoes show they do not fly more than 100 feet from where they were hatched, and their normal life cycle is about two weeks. This means it is possible to control the mosquito population around your home without worrying about any flying in from adjacent properties. The bottom line is to eliminate standing water other than what is in the Mosquito Deleter traps and reclaim your backyard.

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