Canada’s First Smart Trampoline Is Here

According to The Childhood Obesity Foundation, between 1978 and 2004 obesity increased in children ages 2-17 from 15% to 26%. The numbers are even more dismal for children ages 12-17 whose rate of obesity increased exponentially from 14% to 29% –  It is no surprise that inactivity has played a major part in this with the introduction of an increasingly digital — and sedentary — lifestyle. It is a challenge to tear kids away from their technology and get them moving, but what if the two weren’t mutually exclusive? What if you could get your kids active in a way that allowed them to stay up to date with technological advances. The tgoma game app for example, has paired with the world’s first smart trampoline to merge fitness and fun like never before introducing a way for kids to track their activity, set goals, compete, and compare high scores with friends.This not only encourages kids to get physically active, but it motivates them to stay on top of their fitness progress using the app.

While companies like Springfree Trampoline are on the forefront when it comes to technological advancements for trampoline gaming, they are also leading the pack in safety, setting new industry standards. The Canada Safety Council states that one of the major injuries on trampolines occurs when a jumper impacts with the springs – normally situated very close to their feet, making it very easyfor them to fall or get pinched. Springfree uses flexible composite rods positioned under the trampoline so the jumper never comes into contact with them. If you visit Springfree Trampoline Canada, you can browse the models and see just how revolutionary these changes are.

Additionally, Springfree brings a new standard, using a stronger mesh for the net, supported by composite rods that will not cause harm, but will instead absorb the bouncer’s weight and guide them back to the surface. In fact, this new generation of nets will guide jumpers back onto the mat, or if they are a larger adult, safely to the ground without tipping the trampoline itself.

When shopping,it is important to look for a trampoline that meets or exceeds industry standards. Products whose parts have undergone rigorous testing for quality assurance are bound to be much more reliable. One way to ensure the quality of your trampoline is to see which manufacturers are backed by industry awards that include but are not limited to: The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, as well as the International Design Award.

Trampolines are an excellent way to combat staggering obesity rates in children and smart trampolines will not take away their freedom to be digitally connected. However, the safety of your children comes first and settling for a low quality trampoline means settling for many potential risks. Through learning more about a trampoline’s design, you can easily reduce the potential for injuries and safely install fun in your backyard for the whole family.

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