Successfully Recovering From Major Surgery

Major surgeries can include almost any body system, from the cardiovascular to digestive organs. Your recovery will normally be a long-term process so that your body can heal and acclimate to the new conditions. Keep in mind that your quality of life should ultimately improve with a major surgery. Make the situation even more successful by following a few simple rules during recovery.

Rest is Your Friend

Don’t discount the value of sleep and rest. When you’re awake, your body has to concentrate on many actions that take the focus away from your healing. Sleep as much as you can while remaining at rest during your waking hours. Your body will have a chance to send out white blood cells and heal your ailments without too much distraction from strenuous activities, including cooking dinner or cleaning a room.

Write Down Any Issues

Be proactive about your recovery, and write down any concerns in a notepad. Don’t hesitate to write all of your worries and hopes in this booklet because it gives your doctor a glimpse at the success or downfall of a recovery period. In fact, you might catch a subtle symptom that might be a negative side effect to the surgery.

Consider Future Enhancements

Your surgery may have been a dramatic one, such as cancer of the eye. As you recover, think about enhancements that can better your situation. A prosthetic eye might be the perfect choice so that you can continue on in public without any extra attention drawn to your situation. As you near recovery’s end, discuss these possibilities with your doctor.

Alter Your Lifestyle Temporarily

Your recovery begins and ends with lifestyle alterations. Be flexible with these changes because they’re often temporary. Use crutches, wheelchairs and other aids because they’ll keep you safe from any falls until you’re strong enough to move forward without them. Ask your loved ones for help as well. The simple act of making a sandwich will be difficult for you at first.

Keep your mind healthy and active as you recover too. Use social media to reach out to people who aren’t in your immediate household. Text, talk on the phone and enjoy other diversions because your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being. Taking care of the entire self allows you to heal at a rapid rate with only healthy goals ahead of you.

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