Find the Right Trampoline for your Backyard

You’ve decided to spruce up your backyard get-togethers by adding a fun, fit outdoor activity — the trampoline. There are numerous models of trampolines available on the market, but when searching for a trampoline, a major factor in finding the right model for your backyard is ensuring it is safe for you and your children. Therefore, to be effective in protecting against injury, trampolines must be designed for safety. This means that they must focus on the prevention of injury — especially among children. When searching for the right product, you want to find the world’s safest trampoline. The following key points will help you find the right trampoline for your backyard.

The Frame

The best trampoline models availableare designed with a hidden frame as opposed to the exposed traditional metal frame that surrounds the jumping surface. The traditional design makes it easy for jumpers to come in contact and get injured. As the name suggests, hidden frames are not in plain sight and, therefore, cannot cause any bodily injury during use.


The safest trampoline models utilize flexile composite rods instead of springs, which significantly reduces the risk of poking or puncturing the jumping surface which can injure the children, especially when (like the frame) these rods are placed underneath the mat completely out of range of jumpers. Adding a FlexiNet enclosure around the perimeter of the trampoline supported by flexible composite rods instead of rigid steel poles provides additional support as the primary purpose of the net enclosure is to gently guide jumpers back to the jumping area so they do not fall over the edge.

You may be wondering what trampoline checks each of the above boxes in safety innovation. Based on the designs of a mechanical engineer and concerned father who wanted to ensure his daughter’s safety while bouncing, Springfree Trampoline has revolutionized trampoline design expectations and is setting new industry standards. If you want the best in safety and quality design, you should buy a square trampoline at Springfree Trampoline.


The final consideration when shopping for a trampoline is whether or not a brand is backed by industry awards. Springfree has won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including The International Design Award, The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and the U.S. Family Choice Award. The International Design Award evaluates products for demanding criteria such as functionality, quality, ergonomics, emotional appeal, environmental sustainability, presentation and safety. The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award celebrates product excellence that is judged by the consumer. The U.S. Family Choice Award is a similar accolade whereby families approve products they enjoy.


Finally, the best trampolines should have some type of quality assurance testing to ensure conformance to the specifications. Section 1.3 of the ASTM F2225-15 “Standard Safety Specification for Consumer Trampoline Enclosures” cites the required performance tests that must be completed and proven by trampoline manufacturers. Springfree trampolines meet and exceed these benchmarks as they rigorously test each and every trampoline on site. If you want the right trampoline for your family, consider a brand like Springfree, one that sets new standards in safety, design, and quality assurance. Your family will thank you for it.

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