Live in Care Helps Edmonton Seniors Age with Dignity

Edmonton is a great city for seniors, with gorgeous parks along the North Saskatchewan River, summer festivals, and transit that’s friendly for people with limited mobility. As your parents, grandparents, uncles, or aunts age, they’re going to want to maintain their lifestyle and quality of life. That can be difficult if they suffer from dementia, but it’s not impossible to support them. They can continue to live in their beloved homes in a city that makes them proud.

Providing home care for seniors suffering from adementia-related illness like Parkinson’scan be a difficult task. Safety, health and emotional well-being are all factors when families must decide with their elderly loved ones if staying at home is the best option. Symptoms like tremor, rigidity and hypokinesia can make it difficult to live independently, but with live in care services in Edmonton, even individuals with Parkinson’s can keep their old homes. One of the most valuable things that a caregiver can do is to help a seniorlive gracefully and meaningfully.

Parkinson’s disease is an illness that affects the central nervous system. It affects motor skills, causing tremor and postural instability, as well as neuropsychiatric disturbance. This means the illness can cause speech disorders and slower cognitive speeds. The best thing that family members and friends can do is to build a consistent support system for an individual that has been diagnosed with PD. Studies have found that the reduction of stress can significantly impact the severity of a patient’s symptoms; therefore, one of the best ways to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms for the elderly is by ensuring that they are able to remain as independent as possible. Home senior care services are a dignified way to ensure loved ones receive the attention they need.

Sometimes caring for one’s parents or grandparents as they age isn’t possible, whether it’s the everyday bustle of balancing children and careers or geographic distance. Trusting a caregiver has never been easier: Edmonton providers like Mavencare are combining tough hiring standards with transparent technology to keep families in the loop. Live updates during visits mean families can rest assured that the senior in their life is doing well and has received all of their medication reminders. Photo updates during visits and 24/7 availability keep relatives’ minds at ease, especially when they live in different cities, provinces or countries.

Staying in contact with family can help with emotional and psychological well-being, as can the companionship of a caregiver. More than ever, dementia care providers like Mavencare value companionship, and personal support workers assist with escorted outings, game playing, meals, walks and exercise, and gardening.Seniors are eager to stay active, despite conditions such as PD, and personal support workers can go a long way assisting them when it comes to getting outside, going shopping or attending appointments. Whether it’s trips to the Muttart Conservatory or eating on 97 St, make sure your aging parents can still get out and experience life in their city. Developing a well-thought-out strategy for aging is the first place to start when it comes to your parents’ or grandparents’ health and happiness. The most important thing you can do is take into consideration your elderly family member’s wants and opinions.

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