Spoiled Rotten Celebrity Kiddos

Some children are living in poverty with nothing to eat and few clothes to wear, while there are those who are literally millionaires even before they come out of their mother’s womb. These lucky children are the celebrity kids, the ones who are born with silver spoons. From designer clothes to expensive toys, see how lucky they are and how spoiled they can be.

Luxury Clothing

  • Few people get to view a fashion show, what more the Paris Fashion Week. Well, being the daughter of Jennifer Lopez sure has its perks. Her daughter Emme not only caught a glimpse of the modeled clothes, she also got a front row seat at the fashion show itself.
  • For kids like Suri Cruise, knowing what to eat, much less wear is not a problem at all. In fact her clothes costs more than $2000, and that is just her coat.
  • Celebrity kids, even baby’s are pampered with designer clothes, shoes, and bags that will make your eye pop out when you see the price tag.

Toys For The Big And Small

  • Justin Combs is not worrying about his allowance or what car he is going to get. His rich daddy P. Diddy gave him a luxury car amounting to $360,000 when he turned 16. People are wondering what his dad is planning for his 21st birthday, maybe a whole racetrack to make his son happy.
  • Halle Berry’s daughter is one lucky gal because her mother was seen with a shopping cart overflowing with toys.

Special Treatment

  • Even President Obama treats his children by letting them attend private concerts from Bieber and Glee.
  • Beyonce’s daughter looks like she is having the time of her life even if she’s still a baby. Her bathtub is reportedly adorned with Swarovski and her crib is more than $3000.
  • Celebrity babies and kids have their own estates, yachts, and large bank accounts, and they haven’t even worked yet.

Celebrities love to spend their money on their children. They buy the most expensive clothes, gadgets, and provide their kids the best things that money can buy. While there is nothing wrong with this scenario, sometimes you cannot help, but just feel jealous. So the next time you buy that concert ticket, remember that the money you spent will add up to their children’s toys. Hey at least you made them happy.

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